Be aware dear ones, that sometimes you may walk into an area that is being run by someone who is so much in the negative, that all that is in their surrounding colours is much of what and how you are feeling.

Yes, people do create storms around them and collect turbulent fields that can and do make you feel like something is not right inside you. Know only that if they bring the collection of others, and from the lower frequencies that are of the astral, then you will really know you have walked into the wrong space.

When situations light up and make changes to their fields, their negative reactions can get even more intense. Do understand, that what you feel and your very presence has a way with your environment.


So, before you react and take these energies within yourself to process you may want to understand just how toxic people and their collections can be. These are the ones quick to anger and addicted to lust, passion, and substances.  So be aware of the power that people have by their conceptual realities.

For it is like a dreamscape that charges the media of the Matrix. Learn to shield yourself and keep distance. For your realities are not the same in frequency and involvement in people’s stages, and their dramas can be very sickening.

The beginning is to understand that this is not you, but the storms and fogs of lost turbulent souls. Let your inner compass be your beacon to guide you and maintain your clarity and high frequency.


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