Power is energy, all energy comes from the source. When energy is focused and or controlled, it becomes of use to the controller of that energy. Power must be collected or harnessed by intention and design, so is it the principles of the Universe. Self-empowerment is of likened nature. You must understand the above-stated principles. Power is not given, it is earned by design, connection, and awareness. There is endless power all around you if you can tap into it. If you are taught in your thinking and emotions that there is not enough and you believe this scarcity then it is so. Much of your weakness as humans is your belief systems.

What you believe you focus on, and it is that focus that draws from the power of your thoughts the image you have focused on. Remember there is abundant power in the Universe and you are creators, never forget this. Now imagine what would happen if you would put to the moment the concepts of power and brought them to your life. How many of you even plan your life and daily tasks with a positive and pinpointed agenda? I would say very few. Most people are just drifters on the ocean of life with no course in mind, victims of the collective currents of their aggregate thinking patterns tossed and turned by whatever wave they run into.

So listen, if you are adrift in the ocean of life paddle to the nearest shore and build a vehicle, a ship by design. Notice that there are winds and harness this to move you. Make your minds the rudder, make course and learn the patterns of your sea. Sure there will be waves and turbulent times. Know how to course through them. Become a captain of your ship. Your emotions are your wind as your ideas and imagination your sails. Learn to pull them in and trim them, hold on to your rudder. You have all the power and resources you need. Know that there may be other crosswinds, people in your life and situations that will knock you off course.


If you do not compass the wisdom of your spirit then you will certainly have no power over adversity. There are gusts and there are lows in your emotional self as this is the nature of your sojourn. I say to you, find your wisdom and become good at your goal setting and this will become your purpose. Ever within you is the LIGHT and spark of your intuition. You are to become skilled if you want the power to change. Take the helm, we will teach you to become Maritimes. We want you into the academy of LIGHT as our skilled and empowered warriors. Your world is filled with illusion and there will be many changes coming about. If you do not see this then certainly you will perish.

Your current lessons as hard as they may be and at times overwhelming are preparing you to become ready for the increased wind and storms. Look for the signs and the warnings, look at the clouds, the currents, the turbulence. Make your vessels ready, your bodies must become clean, pure and seaworthy. There is to be a significant epic moment, be ready to get things into order. You may be called to leave your location by an inner warning, follow this. Clean your compass and ask your spark of the source on what course to plot. Remember, there will be a mass mixing of minds and this will be the tsunamis of the collective.

Become not panicked, revisit nature and make her your friend. The changes about to occur are that nature will not support the current changes in people that are chaotic and apart from nature as a cancer of confusion. You and those that have been assigned will be awakened to information that was once secret. This is not for the masses this is for you. You have been encoded with a sequence that is going to be activated. There is a new spring in the season and within you, you will find power, but you must harness this. I can’t tell you enough you have to communicate with your spirit and your guides. Become skilled in a hurry, there is little time. Do understand what I am telling you.

Be ready for the change and heed our instructions. Envisioning is the power to manifest your cause with the intention of your source self. Learn the power of your vision. Let not the vision of disruption take a hold of you. You with inner vision have greater power than those that deceive you. Call them on it and move away from it. Focus your will, your intention, and divert lies. Here lies your power. Focus and imagine, and in this skill, life will afford to give you the rewards of your intention even to make you aware of the power you can bring. Ready yourself and get into shape the principles of this secret, and let not the will or intentions of others that are not harmonious with you become your nightmare.

Nightmares have power when you feed them with the emotions of fear. The more energy you give to that which you fail to understand and know the intent and agenda the more you heighten fear.


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