There is no unknown reason that your technologies are expanding at such proportionate levels, with an agenda. You’re being sucked into a mind melt and tracking of your patterns by your ‘govern mentals’, no different than the chips in animals to track them.

Be aware that you are being linked by a massive computer system of Artificial Intelligence to learn your very moves and presence for research by the agencies of extraterrestrial study, similar to your very own lab tests with mice.

They program and control the whole world and have meetings and plans for each of you by your programmed predictabilities. This is not just your human rulers but Alien based service.


For these are the controllers that wish to harvest your energies and DNA matter and numb down the next generation simultaneously, while advancing very super human-extraterrestrial hybrids.

This is why only a few of you will be contacted by the watches of your World beyond this dimension. We will activate the powers to some of you when you have proven you can handle the mind collapse to that which you “thought” was the reality, for it is not.

Just be aware that the stages of deception and “religion” will be very rampant with what is about to happen on your world. We are here to harvest those powerful souls that have remained a gem and have integrity and LOVE, for this will free the entrapped souls on your world.

This is our message to HUE.


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