What does uplift man is the freedom to imagine. In our imagination, we kindle our potentials in realms that are not limited. This is the Eagle of spirit that can fly without limit. Know this process; if you are stuck, imagine the way out without limit. This is the key to your power, as this is the divine power of your star seed and your creative juices that nurture your tired souls.

Do you not know this is what uplifts you and moves you forward in your evolution? How bottlenecked you are in the streams of your consciousness because of your entrapment to qualify the eternal by the fixated mass consciousness as your basis of truth. The greater your disconnection to being in the agenda of others and your limited views, the greater your power can be. We say in your terms, this is thinking outside the box. When you can come back to the realities of the inner dimensional purpose and your responsibility to yourself and the evolution of spirit and the realisation of the schools of life, then your existence would take on a new meaning.

This is what we are here for, to tap you on the shoulder and set you on your course of galactic light programming. Unfortunately, because your societies have you herded like sheep as grazing consumers you are complacent in your masses and too comfortable to realise what lurks in the future as a collective. When you reach a certain aperture of opening to us by the activation of your dormant brain centres or pineal gland, the real vision of our dimension becomes available. We can then speak to you because you are awake and not completely dreaming in the programs of your Govern Mental, Religions, Science, and Social Contexts.

We petition you to walk on your inner knowing and take a moment to unplug and release your limited views about the Universe and its meaning which is projected from others, controlling you with not the best intention for your species and your planet. Oh, children of Earth, you are so orphaned by your lack of Galactic star seed knowing and family. As gold set heaviest in pockets of the rivers to be discovered, so are you ready that have contain the value of your inner beauty. Such is this, that we come not to take the stones but to bring you to our family of light, for many are ready. We encourage you to quiet your fears and look within for the answers.


Call upon us as your counsel and we will give you a push to the light. Make your time for yourself and imagine you have meaning and purpose. Go with this and you will gravitate to us and yourself as the star seed finding soil and water in which to grow. We know how hard it is in your beliefs of survival, and this is how you are controlled by the fallen keepers of your governments. The prostitution of your values and the planet will not sustain this. Remember there are conscious masses and there is ever gaining the forces that will polarize all of you at the core. We say that in addition to your governments collapsing there will be field about your resetting nature, your planet and your minds to the new age of light as your solar system will quicken to the new light energy quanta that are rapidly approaching.

This is a time as you have not known, a filtering a changing. We say start with your enrolment of the inner course. You will be guided to make many changes. This I will say, start with making your bodies pure and focus to the Sun. We have been modifying your solar sun so that is will be sending vibrational and energetic waveforms that will and is already undulating great field updates to all life forms about you. Many of you are going through great changes, letting go or being brought challenges, not to bring you harm in any manner but to get you to let go and make changes for your new vibrations. When you get a strong inclination to let go of something do so, as it will save the time of the necessary hard lessons to get to the same space as letting go.

Be aware of your inner knowing for you. Make your vision clear that there really is something happening on your planet. Better are those that are prepared for the changes and the storms ahead. The earth grid crystals and star gates are being calibrated as at present. You of the light will know this. We suggest that you mind your business as is temporarily required but also to link up with us for further instructions. Many doors are locked to purvey of the light we bring. Have discernment and make not weight of the proof of knowing. The ignorant not activated will not have any “concept” of the new information that is coming through from source. As with your computers, they do not have the necessary DNA hardware and spirit spark to run the higher operating systems.

Since this is the case, their minds go to overload and crash. Know walkers in the knowing, this is not real to them what we know. They are still stuck on the limited mind-body connection of servitude to the old paradigms and are so proud of their scientific scrutiny that they are totally in control of their limited perceptions. We will bring to those of our reality new powers, new crystal healing and vibrational manifesting. Be careful, for they are blind and proud they know so. Dare to make the changes necessary to connect with us and your true higher beingness. Get your vision back and imagine to the world what advanced loving changes that will be coming now. We started the main boot up of the planet in your year of 2010 and you have just begun to see what fury is about you. What will be lost is the old ways of looking at things.

Take care, be light and know that we want with all intention, the best and most loving things to you and your planet.


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