For those of the distant land know of the journey back to Earth. And when you meet someone that has returned, you will see a connection that breaks through all of the momentary illusion of this life.  And there is a magnification in the mirror of the one that is looking at its reflection and remembering. For a love pounds deep in the heart and a familiar knowing that this other person is so much like you, because neither knows themself.


For they are seen by foreigners in their family and world, not as they truly are. But this one has such deep connection, time and life quicken to a new LIGHT. For it is union of two travellers on Earth that have come from a very distant land and time.


And the magnetism is so strong that their bodies sync. The LOVE and the feeling arise for they are magnified in a conscious space of being that sees itself finally and is embraced.

For your souls have intertwined throughout many a life.  And you are there to help each other heal and remember their value, service, and mission.

Comrades indeed.


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