Prosperity is a state of perception of values to yourself that you allow coming forth into your dimension. That is why you have the rich and the poor amongst your world. Prosperous people have a different perception of themselves, to themselves and to others. This is the charisma of money and power, they believe and allow the flow of funds and pretext it in the realms of driving it. There are servers and takers, doers and performers, and manipulators about you. Some of these traits are enough to make you sickened and understandably so. So be it.

Now about money, it is an energy of perception. If you feel you do not deserve it, you will not command it. So then, this ever plays a role in business. The first of many lessons you must get is whether or not you deserve it, and this is merely a perception, a concept of creation and your belief systems about your worth. Yes, prosperity is the creation of values in your psychic self. This is the principle of manifestation and a state of feeling. Have you not heard the question “what do you feel this is worth?”. So then, what I wish to convey to you is merely start by allowing yourself to feel a better sense of worth.

The second principle is what is your time worth? If you do not value your time then what you do with your time has no value. Successful people appreciate their time and have more time to do the things they want for they prioritize the moments. Know then to make good use of your time and spend it with healthy people that bring you up in the realms of prosperity. Remember here, it is your perception. If you abide with the company of limited mindset beings, you will most assuredly possess the same oscillation of mind thought. How can I tell you enough to harbour physical and nonphysical beings around you that gel the sense of stasis of higher vibration? Even if you must be alone for a while learn to pattern positive beings around you. All true the meaning of infection. And infection of purpose or lack is ever pronounced in the company you form.


Lesson 3 is to create a plan a daily duty of tasks that work with your master plan. Let me touch upon a critical aspect of your creativity. Dreaming is the inspiration, if you have lost this quality ask the source to rekindle this. This is the fundamental unit of energy that is the outflow of a healthy spiritual connection. Remember, if you perceive that you do not deserve then that is your brain pattern of events your mind will carry out.

So I say to you change your perception of reality and hold to the notion that you deserve the best as a dynamic being that you are here and now. If you are not right to the soul within then make it right. Anger, frustration, hate, blame, lust, and uncontrolled passions are a sign of unrest in your soul connection. If this plagues you then beseech it. These are but patterns of misaligned creative energies that are needing balance. Stop shaming yourself and make the corrections. You are built of daily patterns. Make your pattern each day that works with your dream.

Ok, we talk about dreams. Have you any that serve you?

Many have dreams that are nightmares and manifest endless negative things upon your paths. What you feed with ideas feeds your thoughts into reality with action. We encourage you to find a time to see a dream, your dream about what you want out of life. If you do not have one and cannot come up with one, no worries ask your higher self to give you one in your dreams and in your encounters, this will start the effect. When this comes to you, you will begin to have visions. Make a note of your insights. There is always hope, for you entities are eternal and are in school here on Earth.

Get your lessons on the creation of yourself for that is what we are here for as your guides. But you must walk your path, and ever find it. Idleness is the sign that you have nothing to invest your time with. Imagine your life and what it is you like to do and learn to market it. But first, bring value to your self by learning skills and performing your tasks that make you happy for the exchange of money. Be truthful to yourself and to your clients and/or supervisors and be productive with your time. Study and be as informed about your work as you can. This gives you value.

Knowledge is the basis of prosperity, learn to tap into this resource.


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