Listen within in your moment and as you start the day you will notice that there are many voices, or notions as you would call them, within your centre of the mind. Take heed and listen. Find out what they are saying through self-reflection or meditation which aids to the listening. Know them, write them down or at least hear them with full mind and not just whispers. In doing so you will begin to see there is a stratum of concepts and conditions the brain is processing in your orb of reality and/or realities.

I say this because even though this may be insightful there are many voices some you know as helpful and some you may find as troubling. You as the viewer can decide how to listen and how to interpret these voices. There is always a linking of minds as it were between people you have bonded with and oftentimes your memories are in-sync, in such that you are thinking the transmission of their thoughts and these give you the notions of ideas that pop into your mind.

I am sure you had the encounter of ‘I was going to call you’, or ‘I was just thinking of you’. With that said you are not isolated or alone in what you term your mind, and it is much influenced by your association with people, media, and your own patterns. As I was teaching you earlier that your food or fuel in your body and the habits that cross over your tongue from speech to intake of others to sound, all play a vital fabric in your resonate experiences and things that you see and don’t see happening around you.




The good news is you can enhance your experiences and forms you build around what you call yourself with a conscious action. Keep in mind there is a core about you that is the sediment of all your experiences that fabricate what you call “you”. If I could conceptualize this, I would say that you are crocheting a cloth of your garments of identity daily piece by piece. When the soul experiencer leaves this dimension this is what it takes, the clothing of its sojourn.

People and many of the things that happen to you daily are a direct result of the way people see you, and how you look at yourself by the garment you have “patterned” or crochet in your selection of experiences whether conscious or unconscious. So then knowing this, the more attention you put into the daily stitching and variety of the material you build yourself the more enhanced your souls dress your identity.

The more attentive you are to your life and what you want to do and make happen and imagine to your crocheting of your quilt of honor the more beautiful your life will pattern. All are built in fractal units as it continues to pattern unfolding repeating itself.


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