If you ask for help we can certainly provide the tools and the information for you. We do not usually do the things for you that you must do while in your Earth schooling. Yes, we are as teachers and instructors for you. It is by asking us that you enrol in our spirit school as it were. Understand that if a Math teacher were to fill in the answers to the arithmetic questions and studies the student would not learn how to undertake the process and would be hindered, so it is with us. In your life, such things occur, and you must fill in the blanks. We will give you the methods, but your hand and your will must ultimately be through your actions to perform the duties of life.

The more proficient you become in your lessons, the more natural, more accelerated and dynamic your life becomes. And why wouldn’t it? This is why you are here as souls in your school. The more you learn to listen the better we can teach you what you as a soul are destined to know. You must go within to your inner senses and acknowledge that you have the answers and choices to make on your own, with duties and tasks to perform in life. We are instructors, and we want to help you in your life. The question becomes “what capacity of your evolving do you wish to achieve?” This is your choice, and the more you are on your soul’s path of growth the more exceptional and more intensive the instructions and teaching become.

You must take this in steps or grades as it were. You are graded by more opening to the inner powers of the universe and are given passage based on your grades and passing of tests in your life and lives. Many choose not to complete schooling and become rebellious and disruptive for a while. Many reach a basic training and are content and live their lives in secure believes and duties and wish not to go further. Some, however, make it their life’s goal to continue throughout the rest of their lives and we honour that. Know then we wish to tell you there is an essential element you must get and that is to sleep deeply and restfully and not take your problems to bed with you so you do not allow freedom of your soul to travel and to heal.

If you are stuck in server conditions with situations in your life learn to park the body and the mind at night when you sleep so that the soul can be free and embraced by recreation and spirit messages. The world’s condition is ever becoming stressful and worrisome if you have your sleep blocked thus preventing the nurturing of your soul’s presence and you will not have calmness of mind. The alpha state of mind can and will give you the natural and clear path to achieve the tasks you must do in your life to be centered and rested with stamina and hope. Remember this, that your minds are linked together in your awakened state to mass control and anxieties that make you a prisoner of life and a slave to the mass hypnosis of the world.


We must inform you that not to our liking there are forces that control and bombard you with ever brainwashing to keep you victimized and controlled. You do not see this but there is an agenda to keep you from your real purpose here, and that is the growth of the soul for each of you at your inner core. These beings do not want you knowing and seeing beyond your shackles and illusions. They want you to lessen in thought and self-knowing. The choice is you can be a sheep and herded to slaughter as meat to those that delight and feed off your flesh and emotion, or you can learn to survive in nature and find the wild natural forces of the Universe and walk away from the domestic pack.

Your world will go through a significant upheaval very soon as there has started a shift in frequency. Many will fear and further their anxieties to the control of their herders. Your basic needs will become compromised, and tighter will your dependence become to the controllers. You will find it harder and harder to have the employment and the money you trade for your essential commodities, and this is what they want. Many will lose “their” homes, places of position and status in your world in all your countries. Know your necessary ability for food and shelter will also be at odds. You will be brought tighter into their control as you will look to the governments for further chains and conditions to survive.

Be careful, this will be how they will control the masses for the slaughter in your changing times. Our suggestion is to make yourselves ready and understand how to find food and shelter as a survivalist. The weather and the seasons are going to change like you have not seen before because of celestial changes for the significant shift and doorway. We say this, the very ground below you is not as stable as you think it is. Already beginning, the clocks are aligning and energetic movements are happening. The physical has been sleeping and static but now fields of changes will cause alignment for the new chapter that is upon you and your world.

As you bring a magnet to sand, the iron particles will be influenced and begin to separate and align with the impact of the tiny particles and changes occur before your eyes. This is what is happening similarly to your world at this time. The world is waking up geophysical to major galactic influences. The inner doormat crystal resonators are becoming active. There are generators, grid and lay lines within the Earth that will be coming online. The planet’s surface will move and realign to resonant frequencies to the influences that cycle again within the window of the 26,000-year cycle your solar system is running into.


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