Greetings beings of this frequency, I AM AHMUHASHA. I have come to remind you of what you are and that is LIGHT, consciousness, and endless journeyers on a path, on a cycle. It is a tremendous time for you, your souls, and a quickening. Know this, you are held by your concepts and views trained to you by the overlords of your realm to keep you for a collective purpose. That is why some of you feel so estranged here and this world has become a prison planet.

We from the Federation of LIGHT have come to inform you of many changes that are to occur very rapidly in your sector of time-space and reality. Be aware that time is not jelled and the soul is not physical and is part of the form you call a body experience. We, many of us, are reaching you one by one to awaken you to what is in the process. This will be an exhilarating time for many and a very troublesome time for others as a result of your heart frequency.

Time does not move only forward not backward but in many oscillations. Many of you will soon remember. There are realms within realms and states of being on an endless experience and not just your frequency of solid 3 dimensional experiences. Children of the Earth planet you all come from many other worlds and frequencies but are here for a purpose and a teaching and lesson in the dark and LIGHT winds of mind and forms, all to learn strati vacation of the elements of feelings, cause and effect and you are blessed for such a trial and opportunity, you will soon see.


It is becoming very real that your world is not real. It is based on the dreams of many that you share. What is to happen and is happening is a great awakening for many of you. This time many are making plenty of changes and releases to people, locations and accumulations, and possessions. Some are being brought to abundances, and some to releasing and neither is correct based on what that soul has been drawn to in its currents. May I tell you that all is a dream and simultaneous realities are happening in the theatre of your Earth at the moment?


Many of you are watching different movies and having different experiences. In short, your realities are not the same and meshing. As this is happening things of your frequency are attracting LIGHT and density of the core essence. Some are rising in new insights, power abilities, and connections to our higher realms and some are moving to more panic and worry, violence and drama. When this is happening the fields of vision are vibrating according to the heart of each of you.


By dream and movies may I remind you. You are creators and viewers evolving to new dimensions of your quanta of LOVE. There is a great energy of the higher cosmic fields that are quickening many of you like the bulbs of spring to awaken in your DNA field vectors. Like you, many experience and know different states of being beyond with the use of your magical shamanic substances. Those of the knowing have ventured to try this will make much more sense to you.


You see time density and experiences are your choices in vibrational frequencies. But for now, let me say this. You are all experiencing different conditions and sights and sounds depending on your soul’s evolution and your DNA Star Seed Collective in your physical bodies. The world will be changing and it will take many of you to higher LIGHT realms and the rest will stay as that is what they still need. There is to be a passing of frequencies and the choosing of the movies is planned already.


This goes beyond time and space and your physical bodies. There is no death to the consciousness and orb of LIGHT that you are, only entrapment into different theatres to learn. With that said there is now the time of connection to many of you and disclosure to come. We ask that you keep an open heart-mind and always have a love for your brothers and sisters and all life for the elements of the grid of light inter-dimensionally is in each of you. This is the very principle of how you are selected to advance or stay behind and play in the dramas that are to occur on your planet.


There are several worlds, three that are inter-tied at the same time, and as the energies begin to vibrate it will draw your awareness to the one that you will condense to as the movies will play out.


May this be of use to you today as I wish to share more with Quential.




  1. I am blown away sot of speak, those words were amazing and then the essence of those words convey- is even more mind-boggling in such a good way, I am overjoyed to read your words thank you, sincerely, I say, thank you.


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