Think about what you are, a man or body form that has a brain and LIGHT or ‘hue’. This is what you are. Initiated within your structure is attached the PRIME FORCE of conscience which makes you the view and agent of the COSMIC FORCE OF ONE. Your bodies are a beautiful machine to experience the frequencies of this dimension and density, just as many of the other animals upon your Earth. You have free will and volition which is the aspect of the soul or inhabitant collective force of the experiences that has travelled far and wide in many bodies and realms.

So we wish to inform you that you are more than you think you are and limited by what you think you are. When you come into the sojourn you must play by the rules, and that is the thing that traps you. The fact is you have free will as long as you hold to your sovereignty and that is the great dilemma by the ones that create rules and ordinances that you agree upon in the form of contracts that you do not even know you are entering into. Governments, Religions and Babylonian Banking systems have formulated laws and contracts or agreements you enter into daily without your knowing.

The catch is, not knowing is no excuse. This is how they take your free will and turn you into chattel commodities without you even knowing. The Govern Mental’s and Religions have you entering into agreements every day and can because of your volition you have “agreed to” and this is how they possess you and enslave you. The only way you can escape is to either transpire your body or through knowledge and insight to disconnect your involvement into their agendas by the knowledge of what agreements you are “choosing” to conform to.



This is our mission to inform you and awaken you to self-realization and to find your lost being from the delusional controls you are asleep in. Mind HUE, the task to retrieve your soul and become connected to your inner presence is not for everyone for it takes work and awareness. Not too many are willing to exercise beyond complacency. Do understand that many of you are believers and few knowers, and this is a vast distinction of your fellow dwellers upon your world. In the arena of life here, you are forever watched and regulated to stay asleep as servants for the overlords that take your minds and spirits in control for their delights.


But some of HUE are beginning to awaken and become informed, and we see this and are aiding you in your recovery. Think of us as counsellors and life coaches prompting you to make the “intuitive” decisions so that your frequency can increase until you have inner irradiance and the knowing. This process is your decision, selection for the nature of your soul will intuitively choose the way back to itself. Dear ones, study and follow your hunches and tune into the higher realms for information because quite frankly the information you have been getting from the media is compromised. You must unravel your puzzle one piece at a time.


Learn about the realms that are your soul connection and dream states for their lies the way out. Empower yourself and be mindful of the contracts you enter into by the system for it will undoubtedly enslave you to the degree of your ignorance of information. Your body is controlled by them by arrangement, be aware of what you have done in Religion and Legal contract where you have given your soul to them. You can opt out and stop your enslavement with knowledge, but this will take you some intense commitment if you are ready.


Be informed, formed on the inner and find your know.



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