It is ever inherent for you as humans in a body form to understand that you as souls are pinned down for a moment of individualized learning in your assignment that you took upon yourselves, and bless you for your courage and trust upon your voyage as a human incarnate.  With that said, do understand you have within great powers of endless creativity and knowing that is separate from your biological DNA thinking mind. A deep well of inspiration that comes from your souls that are all linked to source, the presence of all things near and far, deep and shallow, the fission and fusion of all that is and all that will be. Many of you term this as GOD. Know this, you are all gods in the making and are all very special beings.

There is an inherent flow among many of your later teachings in Religions that you are already doomed and judged and separate from source and value as entities.  We wish to inform you this is not the case, furthermore, it is your religious programs of teaching in your schools that have to rewrite what is, in fact, contrary to your dynamic self- inheritance. In the doing so you have become disconnected from nature and source.  It is time to embrace your LIGHT and understand just how wonderful you are, each and every life form on your planet.  It is in your nature to have self-respect, knowing and LOVE, for by LOVE you were all created.  Know your world has been plagued by your false teachers that are of the agenda of the Churches and Governments.

 They have deceived you and have made you resonate with separation and judgment by their misleading teachings.  Again they tell you what they have to about the Matrix they build by your contributions of beliefs and following. As long as you adhere to this misleading information you will be fighting wars within yourself and the governments programming as fuel for the agenda. Mind you, you can stop and unplug from this and attach to the real source of Divine Inspiration that comes with your connection to source energy.  So in keeping with this lesson understand that motivation is the power and the inspiration that comes through to you by your soul that reaches higher spiritual realms.




It is only your lack of access to the Source that you lack motivation. Things in the Universe operate with the LAW OF ATTRACTION and FREQUENCY and not with the mind.  With this said, understand that there are currents that draw things to you on your voyage. These currents are the vibrations that attenuate the calling of the flow of energies and thus the manifesting of things made real on your world. Change your frequency and your vision and experiences will change just as fast as turning a dial on what you want to listen to.  Those spoken by your actions you will see the products of your contributions to the collective of your world. And in those you keep in your company of friends you will by the laws of similar attract resonate amplification.

 Understand that power and inspiration comes from your soul. Attitudes as you call them, are imbued with your emotional body that is very connected to feeling and your soul more than the biological mind. Have you noticed when you are not rested and re-creative (or recreation) you cannot move to your tasks without very heavy will power drawn from your reserves?  This negligent pattern is what stresses you as humans because in your worship to the system matrix you do not take time to hear nature and listen to the connection between Source and your spirit. What is even more harmful is that your need to rest and recreate is giving to the processing and encoding of your biological mind agendas and formats that program you deeper into the system matrix.

 To tap you on the shoulder, understand that rest is dreaming, connection to NATURE, the wild voices of animals and plant life that you are from, this is real.  So, here lies the problem, fail to unplug and meditate in the higher realms and you will become depleted. On your world, you have batteries that you use in your machines that are the power to drive the tools. When they are not charged fully they lose power and the drive to perform. This is no different than your bodies, the minds based to them and the source HUE need to plug in.  You have a SUN, a great device in your Solar System that fuels life. Did you know that from within it links the Universal energies that come from your Galactic source that the creator of this Galaxy is sending to sustain and review all that is manifested? Your very life depends on this.

Plants turn to the SUN and grow because they follow what is in their nature to grow, yet your religions teach you not to acknowledge this, hence your ailments and restlessness. Understand, they that have you held by the mind have an agenda to rob you of your life and pay interest to the system matrix.  So in concluding this teaching, take back your power by taking time to be in the SUN, learn to meditate to calm the mind, learn to feed your bodies life, not death.  Study the art of sun gazing and Yoga for keeping the body limber and thus your minds and do take time to rest and recreate to the Source and dream.

Wishing you much LIGHT upon your paths this fine day.


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