Humans are always trying to figure things out when they have problems but very few figure things in. Life is breath and so is our state of being. There needs to be release as well as intake on every level. Oh if we would be more mindful of what we take in from our food to our thoughts and the thoughts of others just how this impacts our presence and state of affairs on many levels. Know that you are the keeper of your body, mind, and spirit and it is you that allow things in and out.

How beautiful it would be if you spent more time in focus on what you have brought into yourself and its effects before you allow the entry, this would indeed save you a lot of figuring out your imbalances after the fact. Likewise, learn to be mindful of what you do and also learn to empty the mind from its clutter and attachments, for here lies the power of meditation and stillness so that the presence of the soul can feel yours as one.

If you want things to happen in your life you have to have the intention to draw them in and focus, it can be that simple. See and feel deserving of your life and the material things will follow your calling. Remember to keep your channels clear so that energy has pathways in and out of your being.


Learn dear ones the power of focus and feelings for they are your dynamo of creation. Be mindful of negative issues for if you emanate them, the Universe will surely respond in kind to your request about how you view your reality. And the same with the positive, loving feelings you broadcast.

Be aware that you may be in a kind space and a negative quark may come your way from others lost. You will know this, and it will feel like someone just socked you in the solar plexus, and this is the negative troubled being at work of discord. Know this and learn to ground it and understand you do not need to allow the energies within you, know the intention and recognise it as sickness. Make your life a study as there is at this time so much information on which to seed growth.

Learn about your foods in the purity of your thoughts in balance and keep your heart on the path of knowledge and LOVE. For every action and inaction, there are consequences. Know who and what you are inviting into your life for if you are not vigilant you will be plagued with pests and commitments you will have to transmute as your own. Oh, the power of input and output dear ones, you are magnificent. You just need a little wisdom now and then to save you a lot of learning from intense situations that you could have foreseen and been aware of.

Be well and good keepers of your inner home.



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