In a world that wants to spoon feed you all that you should believe, think and know, sometimes it is good to step back and watch and see what your gut tells you. So when your hunches and feelings are deep and different be aware, for they are more often than not more real than the surround of programs to the nature of your soul.  Often we are programmed daily with subtle messages that go against nature and our nature of the soul.  When there is a disconnection, the body-mind must interpret this disconnect. As this process continues the body is contorted in unbalanced messages, and mental and physical health begins imprinting this in tension and biological deformity and disease.

So ask yourself from time to time who and what you are and what you are doing. You may be surprised that you have a vast amount of information that you already have determined is the core and the resolve for your life course. Oh, and be aware, the powers that be who are controlling you do not want you to have access to an independent sentient being so they have created religions to think for you. In fact, many religions tell you not to listen to these “voices” and intuition as they are “spirits” or demons or discarnate. What better way to isolate you from knowing your self-knowledge. This lesson is to teach you to take time out from this and list and review YOUR information and become the knower of YOUR hunches that is your inner compass. For this will go a long way in your evolution as a sentient being.


As you start to know your internal dialogues, it will be quite easy to evaluate your information within yourself to know yourself. Listen to knowledge for it is power. You know your truth for it has a distinctive sign that is sounding with loving information and also pep talks to motivate you.  If you do not learn to gather yourself, you will never be free to be the knower and the doer. This is called reflection and should be part of your daily routine. It is no different than an indicator light on your vehicle. Learn this fact of nature, your nature.

Dear ones, your life is a unique contribution to the planet and life is an opportunity. Take it upon yourself to stop the erosion of your core information and learn to listen for this is your link to the soul from the inner path. For all other efforts of the outer are just more chains to your soul to be enticed and entrapped as a cog in the world of illusion. With a high tap on the shoulder, it is time to wake up and check and see what time it is in your life and get to work on creating your real power and self.


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