People that are detached from mind heart and soul have no inner moral compass and are stumbling in the dark. So do not expect them to be cordial or anything but their intense misguided desires and perceptions. You will see this by their chaos and crud tolerance levels and verb aria of mouth and mono-dialogues. These ones you call sick. Understand, this is their choosing. If you prop them up, they will fall again. If you assist them, they will work with your inner resources and drain you. They are compulsive and addicted to substances and emotional reactions from people and actually feed off this. All in all, they are abusive and draining. And you will feel something wrong about them when you are around them that is disturbing.

These people are termed mental or deviant and do not work in the social context of behavior, and they are varying degrees of estranged.  Just know that they are living in the shadow and will live life in the clinging of objects and power abuse if they can function in that capacity.  A word of caution, you will not change them for if their very soul is lost to its personality, you will be wasting your breath and time.  It is best to remove yourself from them.  As I mentioned before, this is a prison planet and these beings have been brought here to work it out for many lifetimes until they can face their creations and heal.  Just know that Source is always on their side should they wish to turn to reason.

One trait about these characters is that they know how to turn on the charm and also how to cry and manipulate you by your kindness, for it is their nature. Smart are they in their recruiting of kind people with big hearts that are easy pickings. Part of your evolution is to learn how to recognize them and remove yourself from their company and call them at their plague. We assign bodies to each individual before the incarnation here in your world, and there are preconditions in the DNA of the mother and father that will encode the continuances of the lessons. Just know this you have to overcome the predispositions of your imbalances and when you do the turmoil will stop in those lessons.



You must overcome the trials and be victorious and never think someone is going to fill your void that your ignorances have created. You, therefore, are doomed to yourself and your hell and leaving the prison world begins with your attitude and the knowing of harmony, for this is the frequency of that which you draw into yourself. A word to the wise, study your condition and see the character of the situations you put yourself into with people and relationships that are not working for there is a pattern, and if you look closer, you will see much of that which you are and are changing to make you that much stronger. So for today’s lesson spend less time complaining and talking about it and more time on making the necessary changes.

It is your job to get it handled or be the victim, idle talk will not address the situations. Seek advice from the wise but make the action to remove the conditions and to survive. As in the school, your trials will always be just to your threshold, and when you are processing correctly you will experience changes and elevation of your energy and self-knowing. It is, therefore, better use of your time to study and inform yourself of the changes and the necessary actions you need for your growth and sanity. Know this, the majority of the people in your world are very ill and distorted and very selfish because of their turbulence and neglect to their souls and inner guidance.

Understand that for every puzzle that you face there is a way out and a solution for this is nature. Where it is good there is bad. This is the principle of life, the balance, and the polarity. Some plants make you sick, and next to them there are the plants that can reverse and heal, both have their magic and place. When you are faced with the worst possible scenarios, there is hope, a way out and a new door to pass into, or a fork in the road that needs your decision for the path you were on has a different destiny. You just need to see read the signs and flow and beyond all grow and detach from the drama and collectives of distorted groups situations and people.

Life is temporal, and it is only your wisdom and inner companionship that will draw you to likened people of the higher frequencies and that is what you will bring into your life when you master your lessons. So start with yourself and the mass you have from objects, possessions and poor unhealthy habits. Inventory and depart from these things that do not serve you. You have all the time in the world to be unhappy and part of the masses, asleep and without the knowledge. To change, you must take action to the heart-mind and dedication to the path your soul leads you to. Then you can be in the families of a higher company and of the learned and harmonious to nature.

We dwell within much higher frequencies with the evolved souls and you when you get your parole and graduate will then be in similar realms. Change begins with attitude, action, and decision mingled with those you chose to dwell with.


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