The hour is at hand dear ones, that new energies are activating many of you to higher oscillations and in turn you are quickening to your LIGHT and dark sides.  Do understand that negative issues for the most part within you are from the pains of rejection of your self-worth to your parents, peers, and institutions.  Currently, many of you are uncovering this as so.  For often your unresolved self-love and opinions have tainted your projected colour frequencies and this is what is being lighted up in your emotional minds and memories.

Do understand that it is not necessary for the nature of man be violent and aggressive and/or misaligned in the creative sexual expressions, but the trapped energy must flow and the pressure of the new energies coming into this sector of your solar system is needing flow and cannot be blocked with restrictive issues. What makes it worse is that you are like sheep enmasse being inundated with programs that go against your hearts and core by the New World Order agendas.  This has corrupted your basic fields of being that creates fear, panic, anger and violence as well as unbridled sexual fires and desires.

Do know that the eating of death does harbour bacterial receivers that crave more meat and frequencies of violence that program your minds and takes control of your nature by the second mind of the microbes you harbour in your vessels.  With intensified energies now upon your planet coming from your sun (as it is reacting to new energies and planetary satellites coming into closer ranges of your sun), there are unstable changes that are the process that is happening at this season.  Not only is this affecting your physical world it is also influencing your mental and soul astral bodies.

The energies you are at the core are being excited and you each need to be aware of the dross you will be detaching from. Know that for many of you, you will be seeing many deep dreams and will start to hear a familiar guidance and insight that is coming from your spirit council and oversouls. Do know that many are in process and will either become very lost, violent, angry and self-destructive if they do not look at this as a process and cleansing cycle.

This will be a very epic time for you so please look and go right to your fears and gremlins and feel them without reaction and process the energies that are coming to surface. For many, you will begin many deep journeys in your dreams and mindsets, for that which has been hidden will now come to light the loving presence within yourself that has been rejected and the hurt will awaken.

This is a time to be away from those on overload for your sensitivities will be more aware and the poisons of many will surface, so stay away from them and understand that they are venting.  This will be happening on a mass scale and the world leaders will try to get you linked as amplifiers to the negative icons they will be staging.  Just know that they know we are returning to harvest you to the next levels and are setting up chaos in these great times.

Know that there are wars going on that are beyond humans on Earth and are of stellar conflicts to be reconned with that which does not concern you, for you can do nothing about it.   However, find your centre so that you are not drawn into the mix.  The changes are happening on many levels but find your core and remember your dreams and make the changes you are required by your own inner guidence systems.

Be brave dear ones, it is an epic time of great view and experience.


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