With the complications of your world in legal, civil and institutions you need to be very focused and rational in dealing with these matters. Know that fear and reactions that are in essence the domino force of what it is you face can and will amplify your ability to step out of these waves that wake in your life. It is now time for you to counter in balancing your fields and create your own wake. To become awake and be the force of your supreme higher self coming through your personality to take countermeasures in addressing the issues. Now to reach this state you should be rested, calm and focused. Have a clear mind and desk and order around you.

Think about what your reality is and position to the issues and research the insinuation that is being concerned about you. Now respond to what is being required of you and exactly what the agency or person is requiring. Then respond in a favourable light for all parties concerned. Just know this, that you are learning universal cause and effect relations between yourself and yourself to others. And yes you will make errors and blunders, no different than you did in when you were learning to walk. Sometimes you will fall and bruise yourself, but as you are learning to keep your drive and determination and adult essence steadfast you will arrive and pass through your trying times.


Admit to your shortcomings and be honest to your soul and move on for shame and guilt do not serve you. So when faced with situations that you have created and a reaction that you must address handle it a piece at a time and reward your successes. For in the end, you must be your own coach and doer. The more you bring order and balance to your life and duties the happier in the system you will be and less stressed. Know that repairs on a level are sometimes performed, you just need to put forth truthful efforts and make the changes necessary. Your voice and presence still carry more clout when you become more refined and civil. Find time for your soul, your duties, growth and enjoyment and recreation.

Learn to study reactions of others as sounding boards within the system for sometimes you may be getting taps on your shoulders for a little more government of your actions. Never forget the power of your voice and your presence and follow your heart and inner know. There are collections of idiots in agencies and groups that are oppressive and shortsighted with badges, suits, and titles, as well as stubborn indoctrinated New Agers and liberal that fit the same forms of oppression but you must keep your nose clean and ride their wakes. Life in your estranged world is not comfortable, and you will have to be a spiritual warrior to keep your sanity and sovereignty.

Face your trials with smiles as you ride the wave and someday you all will wave goodbye to this world.


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