Learn dear ones, it is not always outside of you where information comes. In fact, that is why we pull away now and then so you can process and listen to your own insight otherwise we handicap your progress. You have eyes to see, use them. You are no different than any other sentient being. Apply your energies to see and know and you will find much of the knowledge that is all around you. The Akashic records are for those that enter the Library for knowledge and are ready.  You can go there when you really want to.

Just understand that it is also a chemical based passage of your endocrine systems that provided the keys and the tickets for your vision. And you can also partake of the Soma nature provides if you use them wisely for soul review and not just to get high. The elements of knowledge have codes of LIGHT and geometric forms that trigger many into altered doorways. So do your research and your meditations and nature walks and self reflect. Stop trying to own knowledge like titles.

Really the thing to grasp is the letting go and wisdom. Moreover peace and radiant LOVE flowing from SOURCE in your hearts. Just to let you know, your solar system is coming into a delta level of energetic magnetism that is on one of the arms of Orion of your Milkyway.  This will emit high energy that your planets and sun will have to induce as well as all life on the planet. With this is the entering of the Age of Aquarius, a new bandwidth of photon and electromagnet quanta.




You are all doomed to making changes and expansion. How you deal with this is your choice. For some, it will be triggering great insights and wisdom. Your bodies will become more electrified. Even the very crystals in the planet that is a matrix of grids will start to resonate. Many sounds and sonic booms will be heard all over the planet as the astral energies are expanding and shifting. As you awaken to the new levels many of you will begin to meet your ancient ancestors that have gone before you.

They will give you great insight and comfort. What you are in the crystal state of your bio fields and chemistry is what you will be working with. Some will conduct more than others because they have started this process much earlier. Focus on the feeling of these new energies and know that your mission is for your personal growth. In doing so you will serve others best. Keep an open clear mind frame. Eat lighter foods and go within. Ask for your gaining of growth and wisdom to walk with your own power. We prefer to work this way.

Forget the hocus pocus and get behind the experience, not the titles and labeling, for along the way to your perfection you will pass many schools and graduations higher and higher to new frequencies. Know that this will occur in waves not just on time. Just stay calm and know it is all meant to be. This is not the endtimes but the end of this movie and it is all a play on photo holographs build by the collective of all your minds for you all have an element in the creative picture.

Quality is lightness and strength and good character with integrity.  Advancing souls are not concerned with one-upmanship.  Hot air and manipulation based self-piety will surely keep you stuck. Polish yourself and share your LIGHT.



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