For many of hue, it is so that this world is strange, limited and that you do not belong here and understandably so, for you are not from here. In the levels upon your Earth has shrouded 11 planes of existence that are co-existing in the form of your Matrix you calling life on Earth. There are astral planets intertwined all as one happening simultaneously in this sector for souls incarnate as human form, with 11 being the highest astral plane before you are ascended into a whole new species of pure LIGHT and have made the transition from the physical densities. So upon this incarnation, many of you are from the 11th astral realms which are the highest schooling of existence in human form, and your memories do remember. What is strange is that those looking the same around you on this dimension combine beings from the lower as well as the higher frequencies of astral existence or realms in the same Matrix of your planet Earth.

Those incarnate from the 11th sphere Astral planes like many of hue have come to teach and to guide those on the lower levels. The dilemma is that many of you have forgotten your previous realm and potential because what you know and can achieve is beyond many of your fellow humans that are of lower fields. So you have died and forgot that you came here to teach and be help the planet and to quicken all those you can participate in your teaching of the 11th knowing. Except for many of you, you are using the framework of the present realms 10 and below to identify with and that is your death of your power and abilities here. For many of you, hue has a legend that precedes you and are masters from the 11th vibratory realms. What needs to happen is to be reacquainted again with your family from the 11th sector of awareness so that you can remember this real experience and your potential.

This is why I am disclosing this information to you so that you will know that you have died and ended here on the lower frequencies. Know then that it is only when you resonate with the lower limited ones you take on their limitations. Remember your real knowledge from the inner and you will see just how simple it is to manifest things and that you run frequencies at a much faster rate than those from the lower human astral realms. You will also know that many around you move and think of continued mental and presence and not up to your frequencies and knowledge level. So then this then becomes the work you must do for you to awaken and raise the frequencies of this world entirely. Hue was called upon this world at this time to help increase the rates and to polarize those ready to take on the 11th strata of vibrations.



So drawn to hue will be many of the 10th and 9th Astral levels that will be brought to your knowledge. Those on the lower rarely break into the higher orbitals and it takes many, many life incarnations to resolve their ignorance. But the Matrix is being quickened to determine the ones that are going to leap into the 11th realms. At this time in the Universe the 12th quanta of existence stargate are being activated and the souls ready will be released and taken to a whole new epic of existence that is interdimensional. While this is occurring simultaneous many of the lower Astral beings have incarnated upon this dimension, so the times are in very turbulent conditions of very dark and very light realities happening in your realms. Know that there are also Astral realms in the lower that are in Matrixes colliding together.  In addition to this, there are other inhabitants that are not of the Human form on this planet and have been controlling your governments and religions to keep you dumbed down, and they have been feeding off you for melennia.

They know that their time will be short lived when the new timekeepers return to the changing of the guard.  It is not as they have hoped so they will take as many as they can with them down. You are at a great time in this world for it going to metamorphosis the Matrix, and the planet will free itself of the present vibrations. What will occur are a pole shift and a re-spinning of the Earth vortices and power points.  Many of the craft from the Higher Frequencies are coming into this planet and are recording the power points and initiating the grid to accept the new fields coming to your solar system.  This is why it is essential for you to raise your frequencies so that when the changes become manifest into the physical, you will be matching the new quanta of vibrations. What this means is the whole planet will shake and move and bend and reverberate as a result of this cosmic season.  The old world will not be the same it will be enhanced.  The schools of the lower frequencies will be cleared, and the students that did not make the score regarding evolution have proven that they will never adapt to the Universal Laws of One and will be recycled.

So the work for those that know they’re not from here is to remember your legend and what your abilities are and bring them online. The people here that are on the cusp of the 11th house must be taught the way, and it is you that came to teach. So give up your drama, your complaining and judgment and quicken for you have work to do. By now many of you have cleaned up your act with living foods and have been recently rooted from negative relationships and have had many tribulations in the recent. Don’t give up hope, for it was necessary for your detachment to things and people so that you can remember your 11th previous realms. Know that we will contact you now through your dreams and you in your dreams will have sight of this 11th Astral level from where you are from. You need to know and remember your abilities and bring the lessons and the LIGHT into the world. It is time for you to find your purpose here as teachers and masters to help those on the cusp to quicken to the 11th frequencies. Busy yourself not with those of the 8th and lower vibrations for they are wrestling with basic issues that they are indulged with. It is a waste of time and they will mock you for your realities are so far apart.

The magic powers occur when you remember and know your being. It is now time to awaken family of lightworkers and be the influence to yourself and form a collective mass that will imprint upon the planet a broader bandwidth of information from beyond that you already know.


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