Dear ones, do know that feelings are quantitative energy packets of photonic particles that you hold and emit throughout your life. This is the currency of the soul. Emotions modulate the frequency of these particles of LIGHT and electromagnetic wavelengths and are very real. Whether you know it or not it is your collection of feelings that you wear as trading beads and jewellery around your necks. Feelings can be quantified as pleasant and happy, or negative and fearful, sensual and passionate or void and empty, needless to say, this is your savings and bank account you carry with you.

Feelings are Universal, and all life responds to them because they are photonic units of your radiance you are holding and displaying about HUE.  Your energy influences people, animals, and objects, because it excites a state of change from your contact.  Be in the know of these forces, for they are contagious and will affect your state of being.  In your daily connection with people you will see some very happy and some very negative, and some sickly and in intense fear, and some very sad for the loss of objects and loved ones.

The photonic capsules of energy packets modulated by feelings are the food and currency of the soul and life forces. In the knowing of this be aware that if you stay in the company of negative people they will influence your state of being and you will be matching frequencies the more they bombard you. Toxic people are radioactive in their presence and with this information you should take the means to protect yourself and cleanse their harmful radiation for it will make you sick and of matching energies. If you want to collect particles of prosperity be around prosperous people for in their mindset this is what they influence.


Healing Planet Earth

If you friend yourself with positive, happy, joyful people, they will uplift your energy stasis. Negative and angry people emanating these energies are modulating a broadcast of these particles that you sense with your body and soul antennas as feeling receptors as well as the positive frequencies. When you are a wise merchant of your soul respect, you can decide whether you wish to trade these units or walk away.  Understand that this is a science of force and energy packets, and your feelings are always responding to what your personal account of these deposits you bring into yourself whether knowingly or unknowingly and they have dire consequences like your life and health both in the body and the soul.

Once again I must stress that if you meditate and visualize happiness and LIGHT from within you can cleanse and recycle lower energy packets into a changed state of being a higher excitement. As you wash your garments to cleanse the soil of your day so should you do in the forces of your electromagnetic envelope you wear. As in infectious diseases, they are contagious so you would stay away and take precautionary measures if you can. This I tell you that there are deeper principles to the sickness of people beginning on energy and energetic vibrations and photonic units you are dealing with on a daily basis.

Know this, that even your eating of death from animals you will be taking these energies into your bodies. So if you wish to run higher frequencies and states, you must reckon with this fact that your diet plays a significant role in your spiritual presence and health. Nature has provided the electrolytes that nourish your bodies in green living plant foods, and they work with LIGHT energy to grow so in kind is have designed for your bodies made this.  May this insight find sound advice in your understanding of the power of feelings for they are energy and your currency.


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