It takes a plan and a vehicle to get to your destination along the roads of life. The question is, do you have a destination? Do you have a plan? Many people go about their journeys of life without any plan or strategy and so they just drift with the crowd and random circumstances, never really achieving or mastering their energies and have no purpose. This is what sets the achievers from the pack. Drifters doing time and mundane life patterns never really become iconic or mastered. Why? Because they make no plans, hold no dreams and have nothing to strive for.

It is very essential in life to have an inner drive, goals and objectives if you want to accelerate to your destination. Of course, many are happy being entertained in the masses of complacency, sedated by the media. A master does not choose this mediocrity nor should you. With youth there is ambition, drive and dreams (well, it used to be). This is changing because of the traps of cell phone dungeons and media cyber opium dens. Tragic to be sure, just take a walk anywhere and you will just about see everyone with their cell phone matrix programmer at hand.

As you age, it becomes harder to rebound and stay in the motivation of achieving and having dreams. So the message is to become attentive to the maintenance of your “vehicle” the body, and secondly, to connect with your soul and find again its calling and listen. Just remember, you will have things on earth and measurements of your success in the accumulations of objects, things and financial digits. All of these are temporal in time and like your footprints on the beach they will be forgotten in your passing.


But to the master, it will be the achievement of knowledge of the soul, human nature and the experience of participation in the game of life. When one is quickened to the soul, there is a harvest that is bountiful that the soul takes with the personality. As nonspiritual as it may sound “Life is a Game” and games have winners and losers. To become skilled in a game of life, you must study the rules and know the system. As it is said “Knowledge is Power”. So, invest in your knowledge and health, and beyond all the knowing of your soul. And yes, life is not easy, and is getting harder and harder in your complicated civilizations.

Know this, as it is all to make you learn. In all your scriptures and religions this message is said “know thyself”. Learning is the gain and acquirement of knowledge, skills and experience. Such is the duty of the soul incarnate, like it or not. Until you get this concept at your soul cord you will have many painful experiences driving home the things you need to learn. The speed and journey of your life is your responsibility and your dream to create. As long as you can breathe, it is not too late to quicken your pace and purpose of life, and to make it meaningful and in alignment with your soul cord.

Sometimes when you go down the wrong road it is time to pull over and check your map, then you will know to where you are going. Finding your direction is what keeps you from being lost. And to you I say, “Be not lost in illusion, learn the way and ask SOURCE for a map if your have the need for one”.


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