Learn of the power of your vision of the sight from your eyes. Have you any idea just how much energy is broadcasted by the fire of your eyes?  When you meet people look at them directly in their eyes and send from your heart “hello” and honour them. Make contact eye contact and let them know you see them with LOVE that is all, with no judgement.

In doing this you will lift them up in spirit and make friends with many. Even unto animals may you practice this art. It is a recognition of the LIGHT and the Consciousness within everything.

If you understand this and practice this as a way of your daily contact, you will be amazed at how people will shift their feelings about you and about yourself. This is a secret forgotten art. Do understand that when you make eye contact with another person they are a mirror of yourself as you look into yourself.


That is why many people that are not in alignment with their spirit, their soul, and their duty of life and good behavior with integrity, and cannot look you in the eye. You have a term on your world that is called “shady characters”. This is the mark of a shady character.

People need to be appreciated for what they do and whatever they do. Try to light up what they do with one thing you can find and acknowledge that. Just to say “hello” and “thank you for being here”. For everyone is a flavour and a spice in their existence on this planet, but you can be the chef and decide how to flavour the soup with the light and the knowing of a master. If you find the time to scorn others this is an indication that you were avoiding your own issues. Your life is wonderful and you have more influence than you are even cognisant of.

Dear ones, know that life is a mirror onto yourself. And learn to clean the mirror once in a while and reflect goodness from within. For that is what you should see, and that is what you will see when you practice the art of LOVE, and eye contact to the many souls that reflect what you are, for you are ONE with all that is.


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