Holding onto things in life is like holding your breath. Eventually, you have to let things go to flow out and then flow in. When you understand that there is plenty you don’t come from a place of scarcity. One must ask what it really is that satisfies their hunger and needs.  So don’t hold your breath for things to happen, run to them with the excitement of your soul and breathe deeply, enjoying and letting go.

Truly the feeling of contentment begins with inside how you feel. When you get to knowing, you have the power to get yourself and you make your life happen. When you’re insecure and needy you grasp for whatever facilitator you can bring in. When you learn to depend on yourself first you will have a greater probability in manifesting your dreams. When you have found your power and are not attached, you attract.

When you need everything and it has to be just your way from an insecure space you repel everything you want.  This is the great paradox of life.  Life either pulls you into more illusion or into knowledge. When you are through with the game you’ve won again. In all your pursuits of life remember balance, remember the breath principle. When passion is only in the senses it remains physical and creates hunger. When passion is of the heart it creates the fires of joy as long as it seeks not its reward.


Learn the balance of all things in life. Life is of energy and flow and even energy must have time to charge. So take charge of your life to its full capacity. Be excited and let your LIGHT shine. Find what excites you and learn how to charge, if you do you truly are a condenser.  The capacity of your depth is based on knowledge.  The Universe is based on magnetism which attracts and repels and each of you is a micro-universe. While you are thinking and feeling you draw a charge to yourself whos charges then become the magnetic Matrix what you draw into yourself.

Just remember, you built the realities of your life and you can change them. Knowledge is power, but power is the ability to act with the charge of your being and with your focus and emotional states.


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