And so it is, the tragedy of life. The struggles and the burdens we carry, such it is.  Likened to an old canvas sack we strap on our backs, the weight of life is heavy upon us. We are happy to carry the bricks of our pain and hold them in the canvas of our mural that we use to define life for ourselves. Oh, how heavy the burden that we must carry. Yet when we share our misery, we are so happy to share our special bricks of pain that we carry, to build our validation that we are great sufferers pacing through our lives. Scrambled and heavy footed we continue, and everyone else has their agenda.

Funny they are not interested in my heavy bricks I carry, and I am not interested in theirs quite frankly, and what is the interest of my own? Why do I carry them to such burden to my body and experience as I walk along the path of life?  Being of this mindset and “brick and mortar” we toil our mindsets.  Many of us spend a meaningless and unnecessary life in the dramas of our burdens and we think with this that the amount we can carry somehow validates who and what we are.  Right down to the things we stuff in our minds and the possessions we carry. How frail a life and pointless this baggage, and for what?


It was at the beach with the morning glow of the sun and the sound of the ocean waves pounding that I realized that I had a choice in the adventure of my life.  I asked myself, why I need to carry heaviness of issues, and keep handing out the same Mobius loops of my experiences of the negative things as bricks on my back?  What if I just leaned to one side and put the backpack of issues and agenda down for a moment and looked to the sun and to the ocean and said “today it is not important to carry my drama anymore, nor look to others to feel and suffer in my pain”.  What if I just let go of this passion like dropping bricks off my back?”

I then looked direct to the sun and felt in my heart joy for being able to experience the great solar disc, knowing that problems and burdens were something that I choose to keep piling up.  I let it go, and then heard the waves and the roar of nature.  I said to myself “life is simple when you get to the point to just take a moment to feel joy, and stop carrying the need to perpetuate the dramas”.  It occurred to me that no one forces a burdensome and unhappy life upon me. It is only my reaction to situations, measuring my life with my bricks and load that I magnified my burdens. Getting to that simplistic moment of inner joy by the detachment of my burdens and my need to be responsive in my heart and mind 24-7, that I concluded it is merely my choice that keeps me stuck to the illusion of slavery to the system, and this sounded deep in the cords of my soul.


I will make it a choice not to carry sorrow and the props of things to equate the significance of my value as a being, for the major issue is to be LIGHT and in joy at the core of my being with the sun to warm me and the air to breathe, feeling joy in my body and giving thanks for being able to experience such. Somehow this changed my frequency and the things I frequently see are changing by my lightness.  The question is, who demands me to participate in this illusion of caring for meaningless worries about things?  Is it only my reaction to them that makes fear and the union with them? It is time to worry about not worrying and take things in stride and do what is doable in our life.  Reunite with nature, for we fret beyond what is necessarily healthy, because we feel we have to be concerned in this game of life.

For the day, make your provisions and carry only what you need so that you are not weighted down for the journeys of another day.  Each day has its cycle, and let the tomorrows take care of themselves.

Today is your day and task.  Live in the moment.



  1. Perfect for me today. I am carrying another persons’ burdens BUT have decided to pull back as my knee has filled with water. It is a sign to disengage and take care of me first. I cannot do anything for the person and need to “ALLOW” him to go through what he is going through. No one can save him and as for the clutter, I’ve started to tackle that because after all, I can’t take it with me, especially in my urn for ashes. My dogs go with me to never never land. It seems you are speaking to me directly on a daily basis and I am grateful and Thank You from the bottom and fullness of my heart!

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