For unto a master of the Earth experience, he may feel tears in his eyes, he may feel a fire in his heart, he may feel great sadness about the world and the people he sees on his journeys for he is connected to his sensory soul, his feelings. But it is he that reacts in action to that which concerns him, and everyone and everything that comes into contact with him is touched with joy and he leaves a feeling of hope and joy.

So unto you, life presents itself with many challenges and how you deal with them is how they are resolved. Challenges must be faced head-on and the elements of the issue must be seen before action can be delegated to impact the change and correct the missiles fired at you. Understand that there are many people in positions of power (so they think) and perhaps you work with them and you must relate to them on some sort of exchange level, including your spouse or partner.

Just know that they are human and colour their positions with their views and safety level and upon many, they will react and bark and abuse their positions if they feel bad or upset, hungover or even sickly. These people have a certain comfort level and if you make any change that you may need you can bet that they will bark and react for this works for them. Life hands you cards in such situations and you need to know how to place your bets and prepare to voice what works for you.


In short, know who you are dealing with and who is the dealer, and that the system favours the house but the dealer is the variable. Know that when things are intense for you, it may be that you need to make a change or that the situation is protecting you on some level.  Just know that your soul has a greater understanding when you as a personality lag behind. Your life dear ones, is merely a test and character builder for you to learn and it is temporal, the sooner you understand this principle the more magnificent your life will become.


You must learn to voice your soul and free it in all aspects of life that you have woven yourself in from work to relationships and make these things in sync with your soul and your growth. The Universe encourages growth and self-mastery and if you make this your path then you will begin to feel again and choose the involvement with things and not be enslaved to them. The first relationship should be to yourself and your know.

The people around you and who you spend your time with should amplify your presence and be pleasant to be with or at least respectful and cordial. But then again if you are not this way in yourself you will connect many mirrors of yourself to look at which reflects your agitation and conditions you need to work with, for that is the principle of Karma.

Dear students of life, all is but a mirror of your lessons needed so if you do not like what you see, changing the condition with others is in effect changing yourself, for you are doing your work on the reflection. So you greatly amplify the meaning of each condition when you work on both. For Masters in the world will always master themselves not their possessions and props.



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