When you are in the state of Alpha or Theta realms, your frequencies are connected to the cosmos and the power of ideas is knowing and desire to manifest the places and the flow directly from your soul. Great energies are coming to Earth once again to awaken those that are of soul and higher frequencies that will begin to remember where they come from and the dynamics of the character and soul once again.

Being connected is feeling free loving energies throughout your bodies, there is no fear or guilt or even ideas of limitation. You want to be somewhere, you go by to the power of thought. The cosmos flows through your energetic bodies and you levitate and manifest the things that you desire. But the time now is that the dream state is awakened in your lives again.

Be aware of the collective of your company for in the mindsets of your surround your energies vibrate, and the character of those around you become the ingredients of your reality. You may see, but those frozen in the Matrix will overshadow your awareness by imprinting conscious and unconscious fields of doubt and judgments based on their framework of the mind. So be with those of the higher understanding that vibrate above or at your level.



Those gelled in the Matrix take you down by slowing your frequencies to “prove” what they cannot understand and in this process you doubt your frequency and judge yourself from their framework of reality. You might as well be trying to explain colour to the colour blind, it is pointless. Know that the major collective of the Earth are stuck and frozen into working cogs of this reality and perpetuate the collective reality as “real” since they are not starseed, they are right, and you asking for their measure are in error based on their potential to comprehend.

It is by working in your dreams and exploring your power again and awakening this to the world that you will break through and enter into your new abilities once again. Just remember now not to depend on validation from the frozen and know your know. Practice your memories of your soul states in your dreams for you are more than you think. Form the collective of LIGHT minds, and you will all begin to remember and regain your birthright and soul powers again.

This is the way out of the Matrix, to awake in the dreams of the Cosmos.


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