Life is wondrous all around you, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. You are the viewer and the vessel that holds all to vision and experience. What then, is it you select? The beauty of the mysterious creation of nature? The inspiring wisdom of connected artists and writers? Or the negative of those that see from a distorted troubled and misperceived expression?

Always remember, you have a choice in what you bring into yourself. To nourish and sustain the soul through the mind and body. As things in food have a certain flavour, so does the identification of your thoughts and connections to the world. Some flavours are sweet, some are sour and bitter in the experiences you taste. So is it with people and environments modified by man.


Likened is the mechanism of taste to the soul, for what you fuel the soul is your frequency and experience in life. As music can inspire, calm or irritate, so can people that are of ill confusion affect your peace. The surrounds are important, for in nature there is balance and tones that are calming. Make it a point to nourish yourself in this environment on a regular intake for soundness of being.

Vibrations are frequency, never forget this power to heal and to restore joy in your life. If you keep your frequency high and negativity at bay, you will live with the harmonic connection to the wondrous superlative splendour life can offer. What you bring to yourself can strengthen or weaken your constitution, causing sustained health and joy, or negativity and disease.

For it is all a matter of taste.


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