You do not need to be hard on yourself, your life, and the opportunities abound for you are all creators and are learning your powers.  Just remember, it is your negligence that makes your life a ruin.  The body, mind, and soul have mechanisms that are governing to your well being.

It is when you do not flow with your instincts and listen to the nudges that your soul gives you to guide you that you suffer the consequences.  The more you do not listen to the reactions your body and emotions tell you, the more you become mispatterned to your natural elements and harmonious stasis.

When you are tired for example, your body tells you it needs to rest. Instead, you drink beverages and wear down your vital reserves.  When are you speaking and gibbering about something negative and feel your frequencies lower to this level, do you stop?  And how many times do you bring the past hurts and pains to plant in your future?  Just remember, you have a choice in the patterns you run and the script you choose each day as your agenda.

Dear ones, sometimes you just need to reboot and cleanse your body and your mind in nature to get a different perspective on your life. For your habits become your realities, and sometimes you need to make new habits of changes in your life that are in your best health-oriented dynamic.

My message to you is to begin to make the changes one item at a time that your soul is nudging you to do.  For health is all based on your selections of fuel, habits and your identification.  Take time to be inspired, read and identify with positive people and minds, and turn yourself away from the negative.

Life is a buffet of opportunity and you walk down the days in your life selecting the things you put on the table and eat of in your expression.  My suggestion is to be more selective in your affairs of what you pull in to yourself.  Never forget the power of your attitude and your beliefs, for they remind you of what it is you select and see as your potential.

Just remember, you are more than you think and your actions derive effects both positive and negative.  Always remember to move slow to angry and negative actions, and let them cool before you put out this energy.

Keep this in mind, and your life will change.


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