When the thoughts are written they impact your psyche as real and permanent and a way of making things permanent. This is an excellent tool for working on the rebuilding of your mental and indeed your reflective space until you manifest and have become it. Needless to say, your wisdom and experience can help a fellow traveller when you are in-sync with the complimented exchanges. Think of your written words as a flashlight for the paths that may be dark and in need of LIGHT. Change is excitation, or it is the draining of states from one level to another.

Metaphors can imprint human character to the lessons because they reflect the input of others and therefore become more connected to you. The image of clay and potter is such a one. The Potter was working to achieve centeredness of the medium before creating a piece. So when looking at the world as clay your opportunities to manifest are first performed when you grab a portion of the earth and work on centering yourself and it. And so the process begins. First, the selection of mud that is workable and of the proper moisture, an idea and a concept, moistened with emotion. Kneaded through the mind and pounded, it is ready for the wheel or the test of the world.

So is the creation of your manifesting. The clay is put onto the wheel. Now the mind begins its spinning and how it is handled is a matter of skill that can be with ease or is wrested especially and fought, tossing the potter around until the clay has found a centre point. Of equal importance are the speed and the grip of the mind, the rate at which the wheel of consciousness is turning. The talented potter knows how to work with the clay and stays with it in tempo with each turn until it is centered. Like the spirit guides and your innate wisdom working with you, helping you to control your creative hands without wrestling and being knocked side to side.

Until you are centred in the motion of your mass nothing can be formed with the creative ease, it should be centered in all that you choose to direct, allowing your power to influence the form. There is always a procedure to making things happen in your life. Grasp and form your intentions into the clay and flow your desires into form with your hands and your purpose. The skill to be centered on your response to mass is why we see achievers and docile performers that just don’t seem to get it in life.

So once the clay is centered all that is needed is the flow of desire to form it. Know that the clay must be worked on the table and pounded or it will explode in the test of fire once the form has been made. Until you are ready to learn to be the potters of your soul creations and learn the skills of a potter by practice, study and doing, you will not be able to make the things you really want to manifest with the flow that is in the process of forming your reality. Learn your primordial lessons. Now take as much clay as you can handle and centre it. Use only the resources that you can spin in your dimension.


Mass or the material realm can throw you off centre until you know how to centre. These are the skills of a potter. These are the lessons life will teach you. As simple as this concept may seem many of you cannot even centre your connections to matter. Look around, mud is everywhere and the potters are frustrated. While others are achieving and manifesting, many are struggling in their lives because they cannot centre their needs in the material realm. Ah, but this is only part of the skills a soul former must get. Know once the mud is centered the rest becomes easy, things can flow.

Until you as beings in the realm of material get this you cannot even begin to imbue that which you want to form. Now that you have centered your physical and quieted your mass you can intensify the revolutions. The revolutions are the principles of time and space. As the velocity of your mass accelerates the forming is effortless. Now, all that is necessary is for the imagination to give a design held in thought and the hands will form it. Why do you not understand that in your need for things and endless daily motions of time and you do not form anything? These are the skills life should teach you.

A skilled potter can go anywhere there is mud, the physical and bring form. Thus it is in the bodies that the potter can work with. Get these simple principles and your lives will be free from the worries of manifesting materials things. We are potters and we can teach you but until you get the skills of life and soul connection in the centered manifesting mood there will be much wresting in your lives and certainly much clutter. Your clutter and out of placement and your things will always remind you as an indicator how you are learning or forgetting your physical connections to the materials around you.

When you have finished learning to be potters in the mud, without attachment caring the mud in your holding patterns then we will teach you how to be potters of LIGHT, for know many of you so wrestle you horde, your mud set bounties on it, and flings it at each other as untendered souls and adolescents. So in your world of possibilities and creation you have scarcity, fear and limited resources. We come to take the potters that can let go of mud and our students of time and body will be taught our way, the spinning and forming of LIGHT. Yes, you know which have made it for they are full of peace and LIGHT. Upon their back, there is not caring of mud for where they walk they know what they are and can form anywhere with the wisdom of a potter to survive.

Resources are abundant for they see opportunity in each place they may travel. We will take them to the resource or the dominions of LIGHT for they have become the formers in the wisdom that is an actualized being. Yes, the higher universities of the quicken will be members in our higher teaching. Even in your universities, you have levels for the children that have made the grade and have played ready to be selected if they will utilize their opportunities. It is no different, you are ready or you are not and you are in the playground still flinging mud at each other in basic competition and are not ready to learn the higher states of evolution.

No judgment here, we work in cycles and will accept the talented because they are ready to leave the playgrounds for higher education. All is ok, beings that are formed and those that just are in flux without grasping the inner forms are where they need to be. Remember and know that there are cycles and clocks throughout the Universe and when time which is the motion and turning in physical works with the LIGHT emitting from source, then the physical will become alive and patterned in the opportunity of life and the unfolding of soul ascensions.

We are excepting the applications of our students to the higher frequencies. We know each and every one of you by name and character, just as a school teacher concerned and caring is honoured by the busy classes of students. Know then, this is what are the principles of the changes about to occur on your planet. A great harvest will be occurring many will make the transition many will not. It is the way our galaxy works. Like crystals in the mineral kingdom, and dust without life.


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