What business do you have here? Or do you even know? Dearest ones, your life is a contract you made in the flesh from the point of your birth. Your life, your responsibility! Never forget that. So do you have a business plan for your life, such as goals and agendas? Probably not, in which case you have no objectives to align with, so that life becomes your doing.

Know that life has chapters or contracts in a book as it were. The book is the years passing and your script which you detail in the signature of your life. There is a time to close the book on the story and start a new one. So are you the author of a new dream, a new opportunity? So many of you dear ones, keep stuck in the exciting parts that give you stimulation, and this can be the drama that keeps you stuck in “their faults” and “if only I would haves”. This is not the soul cord of the dynamic beings you are becoming with your associations.

There is no right or wrong here at this biological stage, it is only for the soul’s growth. However, do know this dear ones, that your life carries a scorecard of achievements in the ripening of the being individualised you are becoming.  This you take with you as a quanta of “light knowing” at getting the lessons that are prescribed to the individual personality you have built. Know this, we have the greatest compassion for each of you on the journeys of life and we are always in the level of personal trainers and coaches for each of you. Your goal dear ones is to become perfection and strong with all possibilities of the knowing.

How can we say this for you to understand? It works very simple. Mirrored to your personality is the supreme spark of consciousness you are as the observer, everything you do and don’t do creates a product of information that the oversoul records as knowledge, and this is your harvest. Know this again dear ones, I can assure you that your “gods” need not your attention and worship. This is the fallacy of your religions. They are based on unsound arguments and “beliefs”. How this has plagued your world, and put you into the “govern mentals” of your planet to suck your life forces to build their empires. They need your following, for each of you carries the creative connection to the source of all things.


If you only knew the power of your dynamic creative potential, how you would but become the luster of the soul. This may break your concept but you have been lied to since 300 BC by the Roman Overlords and their allegiance to the bloodlines of the Reptilian beings that came here before your human forms and have evolved to a very high level.  Know this, they are not all wrong or evil because the DNA structure is different that houses their souls, and many of you have even been in their realms incarnate. The world Earth is a great study and staging area for souls, evolving or in detention, the “gage world” as we describe it.

Your understanding of time and the vast duration of time unending is something you have been deceived by through religions and selected sciences. This I will say, that your souls have been in very advanced technological realms (for some) and in very pleasant societies and galactic cultures. There have been many of you ready to advance and some in detention, this is the function of your time here. Do know this dear ones, you hold the key to completion of this contract when you enter into the higher levels of knowing, and of course, realising just what creators you are. As I have mentioned before in my previous discourses, you all hold a body of energy and orbitals that belay a field vector of energy that attracts what comes to you and pushes with your intention those lower frequencies of disruption and lower base levels.

When you achieve Ascension you will not fit into the lower densities, this will be very evident. This is because your cravings are not base but based on the brilliance and harmonic knowing of the Universe with respect for all life and forms. There is much-unfinished business that you must and need to complete. Understanding beyond the illusion is the key point. Know that we speak to you as guides and counselors. It is such a shame that the major religions call us “unwanted demonic guides”, and of course they would.  For you would become the dynamic you are meant to be if you would but learn to unplug from the devil and good and bad concepts of the programs that have caused so much disruption and setback of your divine destiny.

In conclusion, your business is your duty to know and discover how to be self-dynamic, the cause of the effect, and deliberate entities of presence.  Look at religion and you will see it is dynamically opposed to you to really know your PRESENCE and POWER. “This is the ‘devil and Satan’ not the way of our ‘Lord and Saviour’.” Until you get out of this illusion that you hold this concept will by your belief system, create the “End Times”. If you are full of shit that is all you will smell and see. I can assure you the whole of the greater Universe is not in this “reality”. This is so convoluted, it sickens the many on your world in the knowing of their soul’s destiny and has imprisoned so many of you. The time is now at hand. We will be ever present with the return of our ships of LIGHT and knowing to harvest the ready to the higher realms.


Be ever wise to make yourself open to the real inner net of LIGHT before you are captivated as souls to the inner net of the artificial intelligence that is drawing you in ever so linked to the one mind of the controllers. This is shutting down your minds’ link to your soul cord and to your ascension. The agenda is to trap your soul’s life force and use it for the dreams of the over lords that have not your best intention. Once again, this has been allowed so that the lessons of the true nature of the ones ready can be released from the “Matrix” as your movies are informing you, for they have to disclose the terms of their contract and agenda. Your ignorance to read the fine print will be of no use when they have you enslaved to your acceptance of “their” realities.

With that said, ever wonder that any “new” inspirational changes that can rewrite the general belief systems of your planet are the “antichrist” or of the devil? Every wonder why when the dark ages were ever so prevalent in your Matrix you had such control to the Church? Yes, so I caution you with your contract to such agencies. You may find yourselves in control of the demons and the fear tactics of the ones that are your overlords. We will come to those that know us and call out to us for help, but you must be willing to escape the pit and remove your mental shackles of this illusionary world. Forget about the sleepers in the dream of the Matrix, for you will not awaken them. Rather, clear your vision and let us deprogram the lies and limitations. For your destiny is to be the children of the Universe and to grow and enjoy with self-authenticity.

Your dreams and focal points become the ink on the scripts of the book of your life. You are doomed to perfection, but this I do say, the longer you stay blind and enslaved the more you will find incompleteness and suffering. Be in LIGHT and remember to react to the invasion of ignorance in sternness like checking your footing on the climb up a steep mountain. Know this, that there will come a time that you will have to take off the ropes that tie you and get to the peak of the mountain as it were by yourself and with your own volition. When you do, you will see great vistas and those that have gone before, for they have made the ascension.

Such is your life, the way of the path of inner knowing and beauty. Fair well dear ones, be at inner moment and peace.


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