Inherent in life is breath and your breath is a great power to understand. Many of your terms revolve around this principle, for breath is the wind in your sail of movement and creation.  That is why it is so essential to the stasis of good health and motivation.

Exciting your breath can increase blood flow to the brain and your thinking abilities, whereas breathing to a rhythm with the mind and good melodic music can calm and detach the mind and unify the spirit to the body.

As simple as this may seem, if you wish to ascend in peace and balance of mind you must understand the power of breath and how essential it is to your health, for when you are led by the spirit of breath you can have breathtaking experiences along your journeys.

Let the power of breath and sunshine be a part of your day.

Know of the power of movement and breathe and stretch your body so that it does not become locked in restrictive patterns. There are great practices of Yoga that can teach you the way of being with movement and range. This is so essential in today’s modern world where machines and chairs imprison you and solidify your body and incapacitate your range of motion.

Maintain a sound body and you will have a sound mind.


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