As I talk to you from my realms, you on your frequency of human experience perceive and interpret your reality by your vision, so you are encompassing the expressions of consciousness and understanding. Today let me begin by suggesting to you the following.  While in the human body you are as a vessel of material substance believing and thinking in the lower material realms, and thus your understanding is encapsulated in the 3-dimensional body forms.  While like the physical expression, you are bathed and enriched by the energy and influence of the galactic sea.  These are forms of current you flow with and are affected by.  Now the question is, are you adrift and without cause of your expression and purpose?  Or on course with the intention of truth and self-harmonic destiny flowing with the cosmic currents and taken on a wonderful journey.

This is not to say that there will not be storms and current bodies of influence you may be at odds with, but the fact is, this is what builds your character and self-actualization. When you understand that there are field vectors in your experience that can enhance your emotional charged energies then you will begin to understand how to course and flow with your life in a new and purposeful meaning.  Be aware of synchronicity and learn to use this to amplify your meaning and understanding in your journey.  Your imagination is powerful and if you learn to create goals that you can intent the course of your experiences as a captain of your ship. Lose not your hope or positive feelings, nor exchange them for fear. Fear comes from not trusting, not knowing, and none-focused commitment to live. Know that you are creators and that you do have to work with the principles of your dimension.

Even the planets are pulled in the cosmic gravity of existence. In this, all things have alignments and currents that effect whatever resonate vector fields you emanate as your identification of existence.  Your material possessions indicate your patterns of your mind and state of soul connection and indicate your state of affairs.  Therefore, if you see chaos in your material it is indicative of your inner state. The simple act of cleansing and putting objects in order changes the resonate frequencies of your flow and expression. Be mindful here. As strange as it may seem to you things that happen to your vehicles and objects often tell you something.  In many times these patterns are repeated. You may notice indicator lights all of a sudden appearing, keys not working, or brakes and alignment problems.

In this experience, I would encourage you to attentiveness and repair them but also ask yourself why there are lights coming on and switches failing.  Once again, look at the patterns, they will tell you much. There are the unconscious realms, open your eyes.  For this is really where you connect with your soul cord and not just your computer biological mind.  If you learn the messages here they will tell you at the cord and inform you of many things that are coming, both in harmony or what is forecast in your current journey if you continue in positive or negative courses with your involvement in life. There are metronomic or pattern pulses that come from you.  Know this, as it will bring things to you or repel things from you.


Never forget you have a part in this, either willingly with a positive motivated and inspired aspiration or with a lost and crushed spirit lacking design and interest. This is where you are creators. By taking the tasks of your knowing duties and setting agendas you have the greatest influence on the things that will come across your vision and path, remember this.  All things work with harmonic resonance and every one of you have field stasis. These fields are influenced by those are you resonate with, in the positive or in the negative.  If you place yourself with others that do not have coherent and positive energies nor walk in the paths of LIGHT you will begin to match energies and lower your frequencies. Remember even your mental visions will be influenced.

Learn to surround yourself with like-intention and character of your companions and in groups if you choose to expand.  Always seek divine harmony and clarity of inner truth. By doing so your path and journeys in life will reward you with the spark of the luminescent source.  There must be a change and metamorphic questioning and goal setting to fully expand to your potential. This is what sets apart the achievers and the drifters, time wasters and stagnations so prevalent in your realms. All we care for is for your expansion and self-creative alignment with source.  As you begin to get it by your frequency changes you will raise your frequencies to the higher galactic family and ascendant beings. Bad things and turbulent experiences will come to you if you choose not to abide by the principles of spiritual evolutions.  Remember that this is gravity.

In your emotions that manifest unclarity, depression, fear, or self and idle indolences it becomes very hard for you to tolerate this at your core for this is not you nor the design of things for you.  Remember you are given a blank key and each day of your life you cut into it, and as you cut the key willingly with purpose it will unlock more and more experiences, either into the dimensions of LIGHT and the path of harmony, or into lower frequencies of experience and delusion.  This, of course, is always your choice.  It is what you pattern in coherent vibrations that affect your field of experiences, the actions you take mindfully and spiritually will imprint your destiny.  If you are lost and ask for our guidance we are here.

When you took on the task of a body we were assigned to instruct you but not make you. You either learn the skills or become an active ingredient with consciousness and action apparent thereof in the cosmos, or you will diminish and be the dissolved of the greatest of all opportunities life has to offer. The pages of this sojourn are running out as you are entering into a new dimension and quadrant. If you have not mastered the lessons of your many incarnations and learnings you will not have the key nor the required frequencies to enter the next realms where we abide.  It is not easy to have to be the director of your life, but if you do in the harmony of LIGHT you will have the inner radiance that will accelerate your harmonic vibrations.

As you begin to resonate higher resonance fields, your life will become effortless in the survival levels, which for the most of you are your root of fear in suppressive governmental prisons of your societies where just a few families empire your freedoms and spoon feed their agenda, controlling with fear.  Remember this, control and slavery is not slated to continue in the next quanta of energies that are clocking hands on your timepieces.  There is going to be a failure of all the governments on your planet. This is necessary for the changes that will be coming. The world will be shaken up on many levels like the quickening of a mother in labour.  A new age is at the forefront.  Listen, for each of you will be given many messages and inclinations as many things will fall that have held you stuck. This is necessary for you to let go. Flow with it and hold on, and you will be taken on a very metamorphic process.



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