You have a saying on your world that actions speak louder than words. This is a good start to understanding just what you are or are not. One important thing that you forget is words are utterances of the inner. Just what state that is within a person, is said in words.  How to begin: Communication is essential amongst your species and certainly is expressed in language and nonverbal signals. Look at what begat your communication with others and you will see what is reflected from the issues of that person or collection of persons.

Idleness, self-indulgence, emptiness, frustration, fear and the many dilemmas each incarnate entity voices. We say this only to make you spiritually aware. You can easily monitor your condition or others by their speech and communication.  Know that it becomes easy to see when someone is hurting, sad, empty, or complete dynamic with inner purpose, by merely listening to their topics and speech patterns.  As you know we are not one for religion and find it limiting and controlling. You need only look at the religions in your western world. They have dominated your societies by imposing religious programs on everyone, from science to sex, and certainly new information that was streaming to your planet.

You, of course, termed these correctly as the dark ages. Certainly you have needs to believe in something greater than you that somehow controls everything. Yes, and this is true to some extent. But may I remind you that you are in school creating yourselves here, and that you made a choice to become individualized entities and this takes action on your part!  So the best thing you can do is to awaken to the fact you must be and are the author of yourself. You can be in clarity with imagination and in sync with the Universal LIGHT and uplifting experiences, or you can be confused and burdened by life. Never forget you are creators and very much so of your personal conditions.

In light of what we say sometimes you are overwhelmed and congested to the point you cannot take it any longer. Believe it or not, this is the best time for a change when you say you are at your wicks end. This is the time to inventory the purpose of your life if you even have one.  This is a clear signal that changes must be put into place or you will lose containment of health and your soul connection. Blessed beings, learn to look at the symptoms that befall you.  So much of what you jelled for a brief moment in your life is measured by the things that surround you. For example is your house in order, or is it chaotic? Is the very vehicle you drive cluttered soiled and neglected? Do you have meaningful and expansive connections with others? Or are you stuck in patterns that you just exist?



By changing we mean there is a time to clean out your bodies, change your diet, lessen or stop the numbing substances you use to keep you in stasis because you are empty. Maintenance of your body goes a long way in making a stable connection to your inner source no matter at what age. As you perform periodic maintenance on your vehicles to keep them running, so may we advise you to do the same with your bodies. The body by design can become healthy and has an innate comprehension if kept fluid and uncongested. Walking, moving and oxygenating your bodies is essential to good health. Become aware and informed of health life force connected foods without commercial toxins and pollutants.

The first being of form that you should know is your very own body. It is a gift, a living vessel, take care of it. Do know that you have a duration of time scripted for your sojourn here, and this determines how much you will have succeeded in your creation of you. May we remind you this is not the first or the last of bodies the being is scripted to?  You have the mass of soul LIGHT and energy within you right now to become combustive in the eternal flame of LIGHT and inspiration.  Many of you live your lives as candles never reaching the point of spiritual combustion.  That is to say, never experiencing the inner LIGHT of the infinite HUE and cosmic consciousness that reaches beyond your planet and scripted social scenes and concrete and steel. When you can call upon the LIGHT flame of your spirit and light the candle, you will have inner illumination.

So we say to you remember that you are HUE and find your purpose. When conditions come to you that overwhelm you, look deeper at the collections of mass and your very physical body. This is a signal that there needs to be a change within you and a connection to the consciousness that you are and always will be. Unclutter yourself from chaos, get exercise, purify your eating habits, and certainly your very words emitting from your lips.  Become inspired, start to make a plan to focus your energies and much restoration will occur. It is time to reformat and upgrade the new universal LIGHT source program. The cosmic clocks are changing on your planet as it will raise much energy, including the lower astral planes and shifts and changes will be accelerated.

Your illusions will become stronger to hold you, as well as your idleness which will consume you. On the other hand, your soul will become more apparent and many of the higher planes will become available to you. We are coming to you to guide you through the changes that have come into season.  No, this is not the ‘end of the world’ but a shift in the season and much LIGHT is coming through the clouds you have upon your world. The Ancient of Days are returning as well as the LIGHT they bring. We will reach you from the inner higher planes for we are not of your world but from a very advanced race of LIGHT beings, here to light your candles of soul sparks and bring you LIGHT from your entrapment. Many of you hoped on some levels it would be the end of the world in 2012, as you are very tired of the boredom and emptiness your world has to offer, and understandably so.

Be mindful of your reliance to the new technical gadgets you use to hide in, inebriate and deaden your senses. We wish to share with you that these devices are making it easier for vast and powerful computers to monitor and control you. Be careful of the diversions that are going to come to your world. Understand that we offer a warning and insight to you as teachers to get you connected to the real inner net of LIGHT and restore yourself. Empowerment is not for everyone, but for those that are ready to make the next quantum leap and resonate to the higher frequencies.  Your devices are becoming very sophisticated. Understandably, for you are ready to see how machines can assist you from your toils. Be careful, there is an agenda to enslave you and monitor you beyond your imagination. That can come at a cost to your spiritual being. Don’t lose your imagination and sentience as beings to the collective controllers that do not have your best interests at hand.

So fitting that you have Google to access everything you need to know, except how to think on your own and access your inner LIGHT. You are being as ‘young babies nursed’ and you ‘goggle and gaga over your new toys’.  Be careful not to forget that you are LIGHT and have radiant powers within and you must find your real connection to source.

Thank you for your time, always happy to bring you the information of LIGHT dear ones.

This concludes today’s lesson.


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