For ages, it is the lesson of the moment that is the quantitative production of all that proceeds in your life. Change is the moment.  By being in the moment of your actions you change the frequency of that which you frequently see and so it is in effect the effect of your energies, thoughts, knowing and movement.  You have a term in your world related to the body called exercise.  Mind you, you have many bodies that this principle works with, such as the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body.  And so in the astral-etheric realms the astral body pulses and draws things to you in the physical form.

The question is are you in shape, limber and yielding in your bodies? Often you think about getting there some time or somehow on this magical day when you have time. The TIME is the moment.  Understand this, as the temperament is to be in action when it is the most difficult and most energetic time of conflict. This is the moment to understand and listen and make the change. The idea of hoping to get it done someday only reinforces the resonate habits of your nature.


It is easier than you think to make changes if you desire to listen and let go of the RE ACTION of the movie and stop the re-runs of your energetic perceptions. When you are turbulent, find the centre by breath with watching and none reaction. Look at the elements of what the situation is and how you are the facilitation of the drama by your reactions.  Understand, that the mind must always be right to solve it, but then again, it is the mind making the judgment from the position of the mind.

With this merry-go-round, you will never be free. In order to be free, you must be unattached and focused on the following;

  1. LOVE for all things.
  2. Respect for all people and their positions.
  3. You must understand that rejection and pain makes you judge and that your reaction feeds the continuances of the illusion that you have to work through.

In the Eastern Hindu Religion, this is termed, Yogi Maya. So then, finding a stasis for balance is to let go of everything and rest the soul. Next, ask the Great Spirit of Source to help you have the vision of the lesson or send you a personal trainer on the issue of your life.

We will work with your dreams to help you see, for insight is the only way you will get to know the issue of your reactionary states of being.  Often from a survival level on the feeling, you will not have enough, and that everyone needs to hear your position to sound off what you cannot incorporate within yourself.  Word of caution, you cannot change people when you both have the blinders on. Change your frequency and the world will change your stance and calling to reality you pattern in your mindset.

I wish to share more my brethren at the next lesson. Be well and at the moment for it builds the future.


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