Such is the case of many a mind for all is murky in the vessel.  The being must see through the mind.  Look within and still your minds, you are full of your emotions.  You are stressed and are estranged from your home because nature is becoming the collective of your “civilization”.

You have destroyed your environments and there is little sanctuary to find nature and beingness to rest in and reflect on the inner. We begin this session by getting you to see that you may understand things with your mind and it becomes like a container, always full with facts, concepts, memories, and ideas, and a whole genre of programming to get you to conform with the planet you are on.

Your value is always measured on your planet by what you own and what you have studied and your titles. You are always hoping to get there to that magic digit of money and things. The problem is in these terms you will never, and it is unstable.  One thing mind you, you can never get there because there is too much to stuff, absorb and parrot. This is how the teaching goes on your planet.

It may have some benefits but it is what destroys you from knowing you and nature, and all that is about you. Assuming this position you will never arrive because you can’t get there, and there is too much to do and when you think you have it mastered, it is outdated.  So is your mental dimension.

Knowing this, the point at which you stop to embrace the moment, and be still to sit and radiate intense LIGHT is to feel your heart combust in LOVE and the flowing of the new energies, you will be illumined.  Understand you are like a vessel and it is filled with clear water.


As the days of your life experience pains, hurts, disappointments and betrayal you developed the intake of sediment. As you are whirled around in life, the spinning makes life see murky and unclear. It affects your views and the way you see things as you are looking through the murky waters of your mind. Until you find stillness you can never see clearly.

What is this stillness you speak? It is the surrender and the LOVE of all the experiences you have ventured. When you stop trying to correct and get even with life and forgive and focus from a place of a new day, a new canvas of new dreams and stay steadfast in the creation of soul knowing and self-realization, insight from a position of peace and joy, you will manifest the potential of your soul and find happiness in the moment.

Practice the stillness of the moment for a time each day to calm your minds and emotions and rest. Visualize LIGHT and loving energy flowing from your heart and centre yourself to this moment. By practicing this and making every space you visit happier with you being there, you will unfold a dynamic influence to your experiences. Doing this with a hope and an agenda of your dreams dreamed clearly, you will see many good things in the world and become much happier in your days on Earth.

Loving energy brings our currents and attracts harmony.


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