If you are excited about the life you live you will always attract a new state of covalency and make great leaps in your influences of your world around you, all by the energy level of your thoughts held mingled by the emotional fields of your projection, for life is your project. Understand dear souls, that worry comes from insecurity which is based on fear and patterns, your views shade everyone with the colour of your opinions and base state of how you feel about yourself.

With this understanding, you will be able to see the reactions that people have are based on their fears and of not having or losing and so they use images, titles, people and material things to barricade their hearts and minds from “outside forces” that often stem from being hurt and invalidated at the early years of life in the forming of their self-imagery. These people become very reactive and/or compulsive and generally see that the world and everyone else is separate and in an attack of them.

The tragedy is they get to be right, for people react to their mindset and/or they will make sure to react to make it so. And for those that are sensitive and not walled off please understand that these people become breeders of negative in the world and affect you that is LIGHT and playful and who treat people with LOVE and kindness. It is your lesson to understand that these people have ingrained hurt, fears and unsettled self-respect and cling so hard to handle the life of their perceptions and this comes to you as you question why are people so messed up.

My advice to HUE is to understand that these people are toxic and you need to be very aware about them and how you feel in your interreactions with them. They start to react and you feel something in your mind and gut that is telling you on a very primal level to finish your business with them and not open to your higher realities, for they are still in lower states and this will pull you down.

Being awake means you are a wave, a wake of change. Staying high and full of LIGHT means being aware of the energy fields and realities of others and toning down as necessary to not excite them against you. After all, if you are at lower levels the world is your reality and so the other higher states do not exist, for you cannot see them.


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