Happiness is a state of mind connected to the heart. This state is termed a resonant harmonic frequency, and vibratory states and frequencies are always modulating your moods and ways of feeling about yourself. The beauty is you can change this at your will. Just as your body requires nourishment and food, so do your minds and souls, for the vibration of LOVE is as honey. So feed your mind well with preoccupation so that it can digest this high frequency.

Whatever state you’re in is a result of your selections, reactions and identification with people and situations. Take time to review that, and question your life. Keep a pulse on your appetites and where they may draw you to health and sickness. An unhealthy body is a unhealthy mind. An unhealthy mind is not connected to the heart, nor the show. The Universe gives to you in return what you put out, nothing less and nothing more. Just remember, many people on this planet are troubled and out of touch with reality.

And understandably so, it’s a difficult place to be and very few have directions and insight. Live your life to the fullest day by day and at the moment because you will never get there until you do, but when you arrive you may become detached with flow of the currents of the soul and life. Control your life, in your pain and in your suffering you’re learning.  The same as in your happiness and joy.  Reward and punishment of your actions is encoded to your soul to harvest as wisdom.




Lessons are to teach you not to punish yourself when you learn them and they don’t become your patterns in life. The soul in the body has wisdom of the equilibrium, balance and nature. When you ignore the warning signs and the discomforts to your soul that is when disease occurs. The manifestation of harmony or imbalances. Nothing is free in life, you get what you put out.  So blame no one but yourself and learn to become strong and level minded. Learn this lesson so that you can create a better state of being, or amplify your hell.

Pay attention more, attention will pay when you put in your dues and ‘do your dos’. The products are your creation, no one else’s. Just know this, ignorance is your choice. Brilliance and intelligence is kept by study, good habits, and good hard work. Remember, satisfying the body after good work and tasks accomplished releases beta endorphins. That is your reward, it makes you feel good. Hard work, a balanced life and clarity is the opiate of society. Not religion or drugs.

There is no magic or quick fix for ignorant life habits.


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