Be careful of those around you, for people are highly contagious both in a positive light and in a negative light and it is at your discretion that it has a warranted effect. Do understand dear ones, diseases are contagious for they are resonant frequencies of distortion encapsulated in the form of a body, and they work from the cellular level being down to the energetic cord level or energy frequency.

And there are different levels of connection you can make with people as you know, and never underestimate the intense bonding of sexual energy through life. It is important to understand what you bring into your body so you must be mindful of those around you.  The effects of a positive person around you is immensely wondrous. The effects of a turbulent stormy entity with rejection to its inner light and the belief that it is a victim, could be just the inoculation of tragic proportions.

Your life may be going wonderful and well you could bring these elements into your life and that all can change.  Do understand, those that dwell in the lower frequencies absorb and connect to lower frequencies and they feed off their forces. And they will gladly take on your energy for they are parasitic and will take up residence in your body as a host. I must stress again, be very careful, as they work with entities that are very manipulative and will get you hooked. You’re very kind and compassionate and you would normally help your fellow man, but these ones are different, they’re predatory.


Once you have them into your frequency it’s not an easy fix. You will have to fast and starve them out as well as take vibrational homeopathic medicine. I tell you this to warn you that there’s much more going on behind the scenes of just your bodies. There are Realms that are intermingling with you dear ones. Know that you are very good beings. For if you’re not a warrior and quicken to your soul and spirit armed with knowledge there will be a lot of chaos in your room, and you will be another victim. Be wise of how they come into your space, and know of them, for the first moment they are there you will feel uncomfortable.

And very strong passions and addictions can be overwhelming and influential. Be a warrior and do not ever think that it is not time to fight for your sovereignty and your space when it is being abused. If you have invited the wrong guests never forget you can toss them out of your home and your being. To these forces and energy, kindly show them the way out. You can do wonderful things for your evolution. But to be negligent of what is going on behind the scenes and that there are sick beings on this planet which has been taken over, it will do you no good.

It is time to be aware and to evolve and understand that there are beings and energies around you and your keep that will suppress your growth. Take this into mind and into heart, for ignorance is no excuse. For as a business screens its employees in full knowing of the consequences, so should you with the people in your life. For they can and will affect or amplify, in a good way or a bad way, your stasis. Know dear ones, they do this for a reason for one bad element can take down many a business and life.

With that said, we are not all equal.  Nor should you be diluted by political correctness and the mass media programming to take down your shields. You should have your judgement sound.

Eyes open, there is much to see and learn about human nature. Especially in the Realms of such a mixture as your three dimensional Earth plane.


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