Dearest creations of the divine, may LIGHT be upon your path. How can I tell you it is time to reset and be anew in yourselves starting now? Happiness begins with HUE, the LIGHT that you are and the connection you have to Source.

Because of the density of your realm you look at the denser collections of your present to past as a shadow.  Here lies the limitation to you being “light beings”. Although the past is of purpose, you as a species look behind at the shadows to describe yourselves, leaving little energy for the new present moments.

All too often it is with your eyes focused on too much of the past in judgment and resentment staying stuck instead of illumining up the present course of your life. And with the light on the past, you stumble in the moment and are not forming the desire to see and create the clear path of your journeys in the present.


May I remind you that inspiration is a current that flows from the soul to the world. It is the product of the dream and the vision in action. Emotions play such a very key core to the experience in your life. This is why being in a negative environment with emotional projectiles of unhappy people around you can be so destructive. Being with unhappy people is just as contagious as being with happy dynamic people.

Feeling inspiration is the key to staying charged in your magic. Being charged is the positive flow and when you are in charge of your life. Being healthy is such a part of your life, and the fuel you put into your bodies combusts into feelings and mental alertness. Exercise oxygenates the brain function and releases beta-endorphins, the happy neural stimulants.

Know that what you focus on you illuminate and draw that energy to you, and pull things into your intention. Focus is another name for a concentration of energy, and there are different focal points you must learn to meet your objectives.  Do you even have objectives in your life to focus on, or are you still too busy with the past and “your” problems or “them”?


If you knew that when you desire with focus, you cannot have anything less than the positive you put into the desire. The same goes for the creation of negative focus, it will bring the fruit of its seeds. So to really make your life work become inspired and motivated to a goal.

If you do not have one as yet, make an agenda for the day and do your best to focus on that task. Give yourself time to rest and reward yourself for a job well done. The volumes of wins each day are accumulative into raising your frequencies and achieving your goals. The best you can do is to be in communication with yourself and to ask what it is that needs to be done.

List the long-term goals and the daily goals. This is how you activate yourself as a creator of your life. Learn to dream again with positive intention and you will see the world unfold and the universe, to stream your positive intentions.

May you find a reason for your life blessed with ambition!


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