Life is relatively simple for the intelligent and spiritual mind.  It is problematic, hard and difficult for the simplified mind that is being self-indulged. The problem arises when through compassion, the kind loving being gets trapped in a bad relationship and connection with people.

As colours blend together so do vibrations of people and they form a balance of the two or an average. So if you want to be stellar, surround yourself with stellar people. And keep problems at bay (including people), so that they do not become your problem.

Be ever vigilant in your duties of life and keep intelligence, knowledge and the skills you use and always keep them in shape. You live in a very complex world that is slowly nipping away at every bit of your psyche.


Passion, self-indulgence, poor habits; think of it like a splinter or a hook. You get infected! You have to carefully remove yourself from the situation. Be aware of other people’s feelings but honour yourself first and your soul, as this is your life, not theirs nor anyone else’s.  This may not sound loving or sugar-coated candy, but what is fact.

Fill yourself with the LIGHT of your soul and be in the company of your soul, as it has a personality that is beyond any relationship you will ever have with anyone else. This is self-realization. You have a choice. You can stay blended with the needs of others or independent and a warrior that walks strongly on your own path with connection to your soul.

Mind your business and be aware of other’s intentions because they will do whatever they need to do to survive. Just remember, the more that you need others, the more you are at the mercy of their reality and habits.


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