When you reflect brilliance in your being by polishing your act and presence with knowledge and good intention with service to others and your self-respect, you will have no shadows to cloud your presence.

When you have the power of the know and time of the moment encoded into your mindset you become radiant of positive LIGHT from your soul. Lower frequencies will either raise or be repelled in the matching of your frequencies.

Seek knowledge, not idleness and the consumption of things that drunken the mind and vanish our soul connection. How is your life “going” you might ask?  For many, this is the case. But to be informed of your soul connection and making your intention LOVE and the path of knowledge and service to all life with great enthusiasm, you will surely find supreme joy and realness.


You are the maker of your reality, so do your best and life will flow with the soul. Here lies the secret of enlightenment and happiness. Your duty is to evolve and to LOVE yourself.  Forget the terms Ego and self-centered for they cripple the strength of the Soul. When you have the honor to your Soul and are centered in the true self you will not need so much attention from the world and their judgments and limitations.

For the world will see an Eagle in the heavens before they see the rats, so is it your course to soar the heavens with your own wings and life with the wings of wisdom. Be strong with your talons of a sharp mind.  You will have no problem having the view and power to defend your being from the ground of illusions and sedated world of repression and illusion.


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