Separation from illusions comes by turning yourself into the inner universe, as does the connection to the unified fields of LIGHT and the endless bliss of the source point energy. It will all be remembered when you find this moment and space and time; for that is where your very soul cord came from and is connected to.

The mind gathers information and is learning a form picture you call “yourself” in the belief of your body and script you are incarnated into.  Be aware dear ones, there are agendas of beings; corporations that seek to program you and use your life force as a collective.  Be ever vigilant of the hidden subliminal programming that is conditioning you into a product to be controlled and manipulated.

How can I tell you? That there are agendas of infiltration of technologies your governments are using to spy and gather all there is to know about you, and your types are being classified as a class and unit as a human resource to study and manipulate and watch you.

Yes, indeed it is sinister and works with entities terrestrial, inner dimensional and extra-dimensional.  They are not new, for they have walked among you for thousands of years. It is now that your governments are given technologies for their agenda and doing the dirty work as puppets, thinking that they are gaining technology and greater power. Yes, and only for a while.


They are linked to your governments and people in high power of authority both physical and non-physical in this vibratory sector. You are being studied and tested and used in many experiments both in DNA splicing and in psychological testing and evaluation. This wonderful world has been taken over by them and they love to come to this zoo and play with you and observe you. They delight in your fears and wars and emotional flares.

They have bases under your oceans and lands and on many of your planets and especially your moon. This is slated to be taken down and many of us are already at work to stop this and to retrieve our Starseed and souls of our family. Do know, that there is a last-ditch effort to pollute and distort your moral characters and corrupt your souls so that the harvest of humans to the next quanta will be less appealing for our investment in your species.


This is why they are making political correctness and “acceptance” such a mainstay and endorsing the very corrupted use of your male and female biological functions into the union of the same gender as “normal”.  Mind you, they teach you to not judge any moral calibre of your being and social ethical norms. You are being conditioned to needing external stimuli that come from the broadcasting of lightwaves and messages into your brain and are forgetting how to rationalize your own cognitive abilities.

Great computers are under construction and following your whole world into one central artificial intelligence. This will assure that you are staying stuck in this realm and wish not to move on to the next quantum leap as a species. Great changes are to occur but many will not even be able to handle the new energies. Do not underestimate the cocktails of vaccines that are being injected into your bodies and the chemical arsenal of aerial spraying and microwave induction you are being bombarded with.

I tell you this because it is very real and you need to be very cognisant of this and do your efforts to not be drawn into this trap of the controllers on your world. Just know that we are here and having to undo many of their belligerent hostile and aggressive actions. We need you to make your minds clear and bodies pure so that you can reach us in your bandwidth on the inner frequencies.

Tune into the best good and be careful to not let fear take you over, and avoid substances that distort your higher brain function. Stay away from your involvements in wars and fear, and especially financial concerns that entangle you from your inner peace. Handle this information carefully so as not to feed into the wave of mass hysteria. We will be working with you but you must unplug from the intense bombardment of your media and computer programs that are corrupting your very good nature into a mass hypnotic sleep, like sheep ready for the slaughter.

Be informed.


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