So dear ones, if you take ‘a fence’ to things you are still in fear and attachment. You term this taking offense but listen closer and you will see.  The reaction or re-action is where you are still stuck in a past rejection and have a sore physic nerve. When you have fences in your life you have to carry them wherever you go.

So is it not better to set your boundaries and your will, and inform someone promptly when they trespass upon your sovereignty instead of constructing fences and limiting your experiences? For what do you have to protect that you can just walk away from? Learn the difference in life.

Contracts have to be completed with people and one should know how to construct them and how to end them when the energy is no longer to your growth and acquisition dear ones. Just remember you own no one, and no one owns you.  All you own is your scorecard of actions and your nature and integrity; poor decisions and lifestyles will display.

So stop your clinging and let your soul travel the mind and personality you clothe yourself with.  Nothing is permanent, this is all a movie. You will learn this before your life has expired its lease in the material form you think you are.


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