Are you consuming other people’s excrement that has been processed and feel you are their toilet seat?  These people are everywhere and their smell and scent are very toxic. You will find them in all walks of life and professions. Many are hoarders to some degree and substance abusers.

You must understand that life force energy flows around all objects and so if their chaos is in your space you will be in energetic disturbances that will repress your Chi.  So, therefore, you must cordon off their influence and effluence.  For the sewage of their being will fill your void with their frequencies. This process of change begins with ridding useless items of their clutter and vibrations then setting up your frequency and allowing the winds of energy to flow.

Like a damned restrictive river upon the field changes of stuff, you will feel many currents flowing again and this will have a great impact on your life.  Just remember that this process will drain your energy, for you are in effect transmuting the space until the Chi has restored it, so expect to be drained and fatigued.

Dear ones, claim your space and if it is a joint situation make it harmonious without overbearing objects, clutter and junk so both your energies can flow. It is a call to order. Know that you also must change your habits to keep the flow going. You must talk to people that insist on manipulating you and discounting your sovereignty because they are congested and out of touch with their soul and reality to function beyond comfort and mundane.

Forget about the emotional ties that are used and the contracts. You must find the sacred space for your soul to reach you or you will be negative and your inner LIGHT will dwindle.  List your needs as a being and demand that you are respected, and make yourself respected by cleaning up your act for it goes both ways.  If you want changes in your life you must begin with a clear space for new energies. This is a fundamental principle in your life.

So refine yourself, fast and clean your body periodically and you will have a clearer reference apart from food, noise, and cravings. As for your relationships, after you have grounded look really deep and decide if you still need this relationship that has stagnated and learn what is holding you to it. Replace those areas and make yourself as self-sufficient as you can. For the reality is no one owns you nor do you own others.

Keep on your path of clarity and evolution and rid yourself of toxic environments. Do these things and your life will be free to repattern and be the best you can be.


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