Knowledge is an ambiguous term and is like the unfocused potential to apply a usefulness to a task, subject or duty, even in reference to soul understanding. Knowledge is not always static and can change within the system at hand.  One must be aware that technologies and cultural evolution and the components of what is known at the time and place, can and will change.

So be careful of holding onto titles for they can keep you stuck and ignorant of the flow of changes to “knowledge”.  For example, a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering 50 years ago would not have the understanding of one in the present time if he or she did not continue to flow with the currents of knowledge. The same holds true for what you may term a Spiritual “Master”. Even they can become fixed and stagnant to evolution by holding onto titles.

So understand that knowledge must follow the following criteria:
  1. The task must be focused that references the scope of work and issue.
  2. One must understand what they know, and what they do not know, boundaries as it were.
  3. Study and reference to the components of the issue, and how to source it.
  4. An open mind that uses the resources of the inner mind, and the best sources of the collective mind conclusions.
  5. Knowledge takes skill to see and understand the application and stay in shape with the tempo of the group and the fields that are part of the elements.
  6. Discernment in choosing the sources of information and options.

Dear ones, there is such an abundance of information at your fingertips, all you need to do is determine how to focus on the utilization of the resources. As mentioned, to master something (for a moment in time) you must study and invest research and dedication to the subject once you have determined it.

Be aware, that there are many ways to learn; such as from a master in the field, hands-on and through study, but practice and focus are what creates the skill that allows one to achieve. You can learn from your mistakes if you look at the causes and correct the inefficiencies, but there are others that have already done that for you, so if you study the codes and sciences of the application you will save yourself a lot of hard knocks.

Think of knowledge as a stairway that you ascend to that has planes and doors at different levels that you can enter, but when you are done you must leave the same way you came in. So on your path, you can ascend up another group of stairs or you can decide to go down to a lower level with the knowledge you had learned and reviewed from the lessons and information.


Such is the Quest of the Soul.

Just remember that the soul, not the biological mind, carries the information you have of many lives and you would be WISE to harness this into your current life, for no one knows you better than your soul. The skill to reflect upon your life challenges with the guidance of your soul will impress great knowledge to you of why certain events have crossed your paths.

So I wish to impress upon you that knowledge can affect your experiences in life and your future destiny. Science and the knowing of the Universe can be useful, and is necessary to the realization of the soul in each incarnation.

Be ever vigilant to understand that how you live your life with habits and choices can be one of knowledge by study and discipline, or it can be one of learning by cause and effect, pain, suffering, and loss.

It all leads to the same path when the soul “gets it” and chooses to be in harmony with the Universe and to enjoy the experience and an active element of growth and beauty.


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