You cannot grasp the future and simultaneously cling to the past and hold it, for this is how it is in your temporal detection of the 3-dimensional holographic cage world you live in. The purpose of your life is to gather your fragmentation of disruptive natures into cause and effect understanding.

What a wondrous education your soul gets. Dear ones, understand that there are so many realms for you to see and experience for learning the basics of your core and yourself and this is all I hope to teach you; fragments of PRIME SOURCE developing the sense of sentience. This lesson is to understand that you must let go of everything that traps your spark of SOURCE.

Know that you are all ONE and all in the creation of individualized authors of your creation. The sooner you grasp this the quicker you will formulate the creation of you, dear authors. For life is your book, you’re an autobiography of all that you do. The delusion is that you are a biography and some “saviour” and “god” will write it for you. Has it ever occurred to you that this is the reason you are stuck and in limitation to the dynamic opportunity you have before you?


Religions are propaganda that teach you “evil” and “good” and that it is all “God’s will” and this is how the Overloads control you. I can assure you it is not that way and if you gain back your real inner connection to your source currents you would understand. Know that your fears are your uncompleted cycles and your inability to let go of the past and your crutches in people and family.  You will not graduate this sandbox prison world until you get the knowing of yourself and your responsibility.

If you think that the gods will continue to nurse you and keep you as adolescence souls you had better take a reality check, for you are doomed to being responsible for your life and your cause and effect. Put away your trinkets and your rituals, learn the way. Again your food is your fuel that sources your energy levels. As you open up you will see all that what you put in will affect your mind and your body; hello? Your thoughts are your resonance magnet that draws its calling. Your fears are unresolved trauma and you need to turn around and ask them what it is they threaten you and want to teach you.

Dear creators, know that what you put out it returns to you, and it is not good or bad it is the dynamics of the Universe. Know that if you hurt someone else their hatred and modulations will keep hounding you, for they are creators as well. Harmony, does that even enter your minds and hearts dear ones?

There are no excuses, for nothing is dismissed what you create. Your life is your responsibility. Period. So stop being a victim or a sufferer and awaken.


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