You are what you hold yourself to be. How you feel about yourself is what you allow yourself to experience and actually how other people see you. The key important ingredient is to LOVE and respect yourself and know the person that you’re looking at in the mirror.  The worst you can do to yourself is to lose your integrity, not speak truth, and do dishonorable deeds.

The more you become enlightened and spiritual the more you identify with your soul and the less you identify with the shell that will wear and age in time.  For you know this is not you but a wondrous machine that you have to experience life.  It is very important to keep your inner glow and your heart in good vibration and important for you to be the doer.  You must learn to dedicate your actions with a cause.

You truly are from the cosmos.  If you do not like who you are you can rewrite the program. You become what you believe and what you hold. The greatest difficulty people have is they get wrapped up in other people and memories of the past and never let go. Just remember, no one owns you.  You own yourself.  You cannot be right by a continuance of negative energy that you focus on of the situations of the past that people have injured you by.  As tough as it is, you have to let it go.



Everything you feel in your heart with your attention is a form of creation and your creation draws experiences and things to you, as well as what you identify with. You must get beyond hope and understand the principles of creation.  You should LOVE yourself and understand that the soul is non-linear. Your self-today will be different than what you see yourself tomorrow, for you have a different set of cards dealt for you in the day.

But understand, the soul being non-linear accounts for all of the experiences and sees you as the future, the past, and the moment. All of that which you were on incarnation is harvested to your soul.  You are a part of your soul and the soul learns from you, as you learn from the soul.  State what you want to the Universe and put your energy there and you will manifest great things for yourself.

Understand this, some people may offend or be made to feel responsible for others and become trapped.  Learn to cut the cords when they entrap you or restrict the energy of who you are and your nature. When you get an expanded vision of the soul and your life as an experience, you will learn non-attachment to an aging body and not call it ‘yourself’ but your tool. Just understand your soul and counselors have laid out a plan for your incarnation for you to learn.

And if you ask them for clarity you can greatly enhance your life experience and troublesome lessons.  Just know dear souls you are all LOVE and are all special but at different stages of the experience, growth and soul wisdom.


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