And so dear ones, what is important to you is of your dimension. What is of my plane is of different quanta, for we are more in the ‘present’.  Our task or motivation is for you HUEmans to awaken to their own power and of the knowing. How can we say this, that the core of source is in each and every one of you? If you do not listen to that within, a thousand speaks of information would make no difference.

Dear ones, Quential is a collective of several personalities and operates in multi frequencies. We are of many that are planting the seeds to make the transition ready. This collective is one of thousands. Hold on to your seat, for the world will be going through some wonderful returns of release and knowing.

Understand the electromagnetic wavelengths, for there are melodies of particles that reach levels you cannot perceive, and yes many for us as well. For the term “LIGHT” is only a small bandwidth.

Dear ones, GOOD and EVIL are not relevant to the greater picture. You must get beyond this propaganda. There is only expression. The terms of GOOD and EVIL are set up to run the course of Mobius loops that complicate the mind to solve, created by the overlords running your planet.

This is how they create FEAR, hold, and dichotomy.  For in the know there is only LOVE and ONENESS.  It would be like calling parts of your body good and evil.  Like religions do with your sexual power centres of creation and fire.


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