When you come to the pond and see your reflection in nature you will ponder who that is you are seeing from within. For many, they see themselves as ailments of people’s judgments and reactions encoding self-identity.  It is in solitude that you can begin to hear the being from the noise.

You are eternal beings beyond the body. Even as you watch the years pass by and the body age, the hue from within has not aged. It has just learned that the world is a treacherous place if one must depend on others for meaning. So find yourself and reflect and ponder your mission and life in the stillness of nature.

It is so essential to escape the world of man and the insanity of man. In doing so your force from within will shield you. Become “insane”- sane on the inner. For the main pull of the world will lose you and empty your soul.


As always, do know by changing your feelings and intending LOVE and happiness you can unplug from the fears and imprisonment of the world and the manipulators. Just learn that you have things to balance and change and make at peace, as well in order. This the soul tells you. No different than the symptoms the body tells you before sickness if you would but listen.

Do understand that nature has wisdom. It is in the overriding of these principles that sickness breeds. Learn the balance and take your life LIGHT-hearted and serious in both hands. Your reaction and perceptions often make things more complex than they really are.

Farewell dear ones, and take time to nurture your soul’s flow in your body and encourage peace and balance within.


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