Dear souls, fear is a devastating element that is foreign to the soul. It serves no purpose in the way that is used by the modern world of mixed messages, corrupted values and insight that was once inherent to the given nature of man. The dumbing down of your own inner compass, judgment, and creative nature is ever eroding by the controllers of your world that know what is best for their human resource and chattel.

Your bodies are like a prism that manifest polarity and holds the connection of the soul to develop your personalities. And know this, you are in detention and training and have a predestined chapter of variables that you must work with by design by the wardens of this realm. However, the challenge is not just the processing of your soul and its agenda. You are being interfered by a group of interdimensional beings that are ruling your world. They make studies of your experiences to learn and to sport for entertainment, along with the chosen elite that has been calling them into their souls and minds for “power”.

You are all part of their programming and agendas to use you as slaves and resources. The game is now using technologies to link you into one artificial mind that is electronic and computer-based to tap your soul’s energy and enslave your minds. The only way you can escape this is to free your minds and reboot. Fear is the product of uncertainty and also survival where you feel you can do nothing and have no say. This is the agenda to unify you as one mind like batteries (they informed you with the Matrix movie).


You must be free from the needs to constantly use your government tits of the computer, “smart” phones, and Google exclusively. For this will shut down your being and entrap you with surveillance and it will be a computer programmed probability your life will lead. You will not even see this coming!

You are dealing with agents that run your Churches, Sciences, and Media and are cold blooded to any compassion. For you to them have no value, but are just containers that they use to tap your amplifications of life form and creative beingness into a united mass or one NEW WORLD ORDER. Learn to trust your intuition and to practice your will without the concerns of others and the outcome which is already there to create a reaction to you attempting to be different.

They control your music, food, news and even your living shelters along with endless sophisticated agendas to make you ever unified with their agendas. This is where your fear is coming from. You must find your way back to your soul and hear yourself again and know your worth without worrying about the Devil, Jesus, Allah or whatever Iconic engram you have been plugged into. Just remember, they want everything that they can take from you and will use any means to get it.

Wake up, the illusion is becoming real by the acceptance and collective agreements that the races of man are allowing.


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