Sometimes we are caught in the world’s winds and cannot see clearly when situations are intense as to what to do in life, and it is understandably so. During these times it is best to disconnect and let the dust settle for getting a better perspective of things.  In the tension of disturbances in your life you need to see all angles and just what it is that is bothering you.

Seeing the problem is half the battle. There are always solutions to problems and most often with a little homework and research, you can see that what “appeared” to be a big deal, was just fear of the unknown and how to get a handle on things in your life. Understand that strategy is a skill to be learned in life. You will have many trials during your life to make you stronger and to test your abilities to cope.

Think of life as an opportunity to build character, for if life had no challenges and lessons it would be less educational to the soul. Fear is one of your biggest challenges you face in life.  The better you learn to focus on the issues and make strategic moves to counter the adverse challenges you face, the agiler you become.  So plan your focus and see the things that disturb you and make an agenda to deal with the cards dealt.

Know that sometimes, life is a poker game of luck and betting your hand. It takes practice and is best won by learning to read your competition and betting on your ability that you are gaining each day of your life. With a keen eye on your life and actions you can avoid much turmoil, just know that knowledge is always the best bet.

So study that which disturbs you and seek information on the subject and you will be amazed at how much you can lessen the impact of things that disturb you. Instead of reacting to the dramas that you have and will have, study the way of the issue and possibilities to modify your position and cope with situations.  For in this you will find other options that work with the best results for your problems.

To the mindful and studious soul, there are no victims, only idle and spirit broken entities. Learn your lessons well, for you have a whole Universe to explore and understand.  Just remember, growth begins with action and focus.  Keep good habits among your life and enjoy every precious moment you create.


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